Wes Craven once said, “Horror films don’t create fear, they release it.” What about some other big names in the industry, take for example, Alfred Hitchcock, John Carpenter, Eli Roth, Jordan Peele, even Rob Zombie – what do these directors, amongst many others, have in common? What does it take to direct some of the most iconic horror films of the last seven decades?

Have you ever wondered how the minds of these artists work? How is the creative vision of gore, terror, anticipation, and perhaps best of all, the embodiment of the perfect villain, develop over time? What goes through the minds and creative processes to make these films so popular over space and time? At CostumeSuperCenter.com, they like to dive beyond the characters and costumes they embody on a yearly basis for Halloween, and into the content that made them famous.

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For instance, despite directing 65 films, did you know Alfred Hitchcock never won an Oscar? Rob Zombie is notorious not simply as a musician, but also as a horror director who casts his own wife in his productions. Jordan Peele came into the spotlight when he took us all to the sunken place with his 2017 film, Get Out, but what about some of his newer endeavors? What about James Wan? Did you know he is the first Australian director to have one film earn a billion dollars at the box office? The list is endless.

They chose our top thirteen horror directors and took a deep dive into their first and last films, personal quotes, highest and lowest rated films, and personal idiosyncrasies. In their infographic, 13 Directors of Horror: Stats and Facts, they cover iconic quotes, career-defining details, and inspiration that formed the framework for the films that have delighted, horrified, and haunted us for decades.

Check out their infographic for all the details you could hope for on their top 13 horror director picks.

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