Rambo 5 Is Coming! What We'd Like To See

News has been going around that Rambo 5 is Sylvester Stallone’s next project, and as such, the man himself is already getting into shape for a return to the Icon of Action Cinema. While part of us should be excited about this — after all, the fourth entry of Rambo is one of the greatest action films ever made — The Expendables has us a little on-edge.

None of those films ever hit the mark, and Stallone has proven once before that he can screw up a winning formula. (See Rambo: First Blood Part II and Rambo III.)

Still, there is a chance this could still be a major critical and audience success. Here’s how:

Rambo Takes On ISIS.

While the rumors are that Rambo will be going after a Mexican drug cartel, the Islamic State is probably the most feared terrorist faction in the world today. The two (thus far) beheadings of American journalists demonstrate in no uncertain terms how ruthless these people can be, as well as how badly they’re in need of a killing.

Naturally, Rambo is the guy to give it to them.

While it may seem a bit opportunistic for Stallone to cash in on these heart-wrenching and disturbing news items, it’s certainly in keeping with the spirit of John Rambo. Stallone has always tried to insert his alter-ego into a situation that was relatable to current events, while also tapping in to the desire for justice that we all need right now.

If Washington doesn’t have a strategy, and we can’t escape these maniacs on our news feed, we can at least step away from them for 90 or 120 minutes and enter a world where they get their just desserts.

Rambo Gets Back With The Mercenaries, And No, Not ‘The Expendables.’

Adding the team of mercenaries to the fourth Rambo film was a nice touch. Stallone actually created some characters we grew to like OTHER than Rambo, and it created a genuine sense of tension that was lacking in The Expendables franchise.

In the world of John Rambo, you need to feel like the violence is real and not some crapfest filled with aging action stars, played mostly for some very lame laughs.

Rambo is dark and brooding and he doesn’t need Stallone’s weak attempts at humor polluting his stories. We’ve seen it happen in The Expendables 1, 2, and 3. Stallone should never try to be funny again.

Rambo Brings The Pain, And It’s R-Rated.

Final point. If you can’t do it in a vicious, visceral, R-rated manner — see what made the fourth Rambo great — then don’t bother. The franchise doesn’t need a Rambo PG-13. It needs body-melting violence with buckets of bad guy blood.

By sticking to these simple guidelines, Rambo 5 should be a heck of a ride. But what say you, readers? Is this a good idea for Sly Stallone’s next project? Share your thoughts in our comments section.

And for more Stallone movie fun, be sure to check out the 5 Things That Irked Us About Rocky Balboa.

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