Ramos Alarm Clock for When You Really Want to Wake Up

Ramos Alarm Clock

How difficult is it for you to wake up in the morning? If you are anything like me, you have tried all sorts of alarm clocks just to ensure that you get up in time for work every day. I even set several alarms, especially for days when I have something really important on my plate. Alas, it doesn’t always work.

Enter the Ramos alarm clock, a Kickstarter project by Paul Sammut, who also seems to have his own experiences with these devices to kick you out of bed. The idea behind the Ramos alarm clock is to get you use your brain, assuming that this will help you really wake up, and maybe, even faster.

Oh, and more than using your brain, you actually have to first get out of bed to make the Ramos alarm clock shut up. The first time you look at the clock, you would think that it is just like any other wooden alarm clock. Once you have set it up to go off, however, you will quickly realize that you can’t just shut it up with a button, like most other alarm clocks that you can find.

Instead, you have to physically go to the diffuse panel, which you ideally have to place somewhere far from your bed, and enter a code to make the Ramos alarm clock stop making noise. The code is generated every time a set alarm goes off, which means that you actually have to look at the clock, memorize the code, and then enter it on the diffuse panel. Sounds complicated? Probably, especially if you have to do this at 6 in the morning! The good thing is that this complication will certainly help kick you out of the comforts of your bed, which is what you want in the first place.

Now, since the project is still on Kickstarter, Paul needs your support to make the Ramos alarm clock a reality. You have till April 1 to lend your support, so why not take a look at it? You never know, this might be the last alarm clock you’ll ever buy.

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