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Ranked: The Best Bond Watches Ever

With the release of No Time To Die just around the corner, it’s time to start talking Bond… James Bond.

Known the world over for his style, sophistication and British charm, the cult character has become one of the major staples of blockbuster cinema, having graced the screen in 24 films already. His 25th instalment, due to be released in April 2020, will bring the super spy back again alongside a star-studded cast, including Daniel Craig, Ralph Fiennes and Rami Malek. 

Here we take a detailed look at one particular aspect of the titular character’s style: his watch.

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Over the past 57 years, James Bond’s wrist has played host to some of the most memorable designer watches of all time. Whether they are there to act as a plot device, choc-a-block full of Q’s gadgets, or are simply there to look good, here is our definitive ranking of the six best Bond watches to have graced the silver screen.

The Best Bond Watches Ever

Hamilton Pulsar P2/2900

Source: WatchTime

In today’s age of smartwatches and technological advances, you would be forgiven for thinking that the Hamilton Pulsar P2/2900 looks more like a kitchen appliance than a watch. However, during its debut in 1973’s Live and Let Die, the digital model was highly advanced for the time, and featured LED technology within a stainless-steel shell.

Once LCD screens arrived on the scene though, Bond decided to ditch digital timepieces forever and stick with the more traditional type of watch.

Breitling Top Time

Source: Watchuseek

While there may be two watches which make an appearance in 1965’s Thunderball, the one that particularly stands out is the Breitling Top Time, modified in the film to be used as a Geiger counter.

Funnily enough, the watch was actually lost to the world for several years until it finally resurfaced at an English flea market back in 2013. At the time, the authentic Bond prop was sold for just £25 but, once rediscovered, was auctioned off for a cool five-figure sum.

TAG Heuer Professional 200M

Source: Hodinkee

Bond’s choice of watch is typically either an OMEGA or a Rolex but, back in 1987, a TAG Heuer made an appearance for the first time in Timothy Dalton’s debut The Living Daylights.

For many years, the exact model which featured in the film remained a mystery. However, that all changed thanks to the hard work of JamesBondWatches. After scrutinising ten seconds of fast-paced footage, they soon discovered that the watch was, in fact, a TAG Heuer Professional 200M with a luminescent clockface.

Rolex Submariner

Source: Chrono 24

Renowned the world over as the 007 timepiece, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner was ever-present throughout the franchise’s first four films. Gracing the wrist of Sean Connery, the watch’s starring moment came in the third Bond film Goldfinger when Connery used a lighter to show it off in all its glory.

It wasn’t until the ninth Bond film The Man with the Golden Gun before the watch became equipped with additional functions, courtesy of Q. In this particular film, the Rolex Submariner model worn by Roger Moore could be used as a circular saw to escape handcuffs, and featured built-in magnets to deflect bullets. 

Rolex “Pre-Daytona” Chronograph

Source: Monochrome

From one watch jam-packed full of gadgets to another which looks effortlessly elegant, George Lazenby’s debut in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service saw the introduction of a stunning Rolex Chronograph.

While Bond’s watches may be known for their practicality and lifesaving gadgets, sometimes you just have to sit back and take notice of a watch which has simply been added to supplement the style and sophistication of the character. Very 007 indeed.

OMEGA Seamaster

Source: Omega

Ever since Pierce Brosnan’s GoldenEye first came out in 1995, the watchmaker OMEGA has had a special allegiance with the secret agent, producing classy watches in the films that have followed ever since.

One of the most classic Bond watches there is, the OMEGA Seamaster Diver 300M has been seen in three Bond films in its blue-bezel form (Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough and GoldenEye) and in one Daniel Craig film in its black-bezel alternative (Casino Royale).

During the Brosnan years, the Seamaster model was often seen to be instrumental to the plot, fitted with eccentric gadgets that helped Bond fulfil his missions. Whether it be a laser, grappling hook or mine detonator, the watch is 007 personified and is our top pick for the best Bond watch ever made.

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