Rant about comments

From as long as I remember ForeverGeek, back when I was a reader, comments have always been open and without many, if any, restrictions. This is of course because there was no need to restrict it since people always replied with maturity and back then I can’t remember one time when comments got out of hand.

Nowadays, that unfortunately doesn’t happen anymore. When someone posts about a loved gadget like the iPod or the PSP there will almost always be some friction between the commenters.

You wouldn’t believe some comments I get on some really old articles that drive a lot of traffic.

I will not close the comments on these past articles because despite the stupid and childish replies there is still a fair amount of good comments and in some there are even updates that the users bring themselves, and I thank them for that. However, in future articles, if things get carried away I will close the comments with no further notice. I hate that some good and frequent readers might have to “suffer” due to this, and trust me, I really hate it when some law or rule is imposed due to the abuses of ill-intended people.

Of course, I won’t close the comments if someone makes a comment saying that they disliked my article or my oppinion on any subject, that is different. I always like hearing what other people have to say, and as every other person that posts here (I think), I’m only human, and mistakes do happen.

The only thing I ask of everyone is common sense. I’d really appreciate if before you commented you’d remember:

  • ForeverGeek isn’t a forum for Questions and Answers, we might help answer some things, but this isn’t a tech support site. There are other sites for that purpose, we are just a technology/geek blog.
  • We won’t e-mail you updates on any subject. We don’t have mailing lists and that is what the feeds (or RSS files) are for
  • You can use swear words, but in controlled manner. Good Example: “Bah, I really hate that company, f*** them” Bad Example:”OMG WTF?!? YOU suXXors my b0x0rs, PSP sucks, DS rules!!11!! F*** SONY Pwnt pwnt!” (Yes, we get some comments like that)
  • We won’t give you links for you to download illegal programs/ISOs/whatevers
  • Please, please PLEASE use common sense. If you don’t have any, I’d appreciate if you kept your oppinions to yourself

I’m sorry about this rant everyone, but I just felt that it was about time someone spoke up.

PS – I will only close comments on my own articles, other editors are free to do as they wish, however, I and the team would appreciate if you followed the same rules for all articles.

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