There Is A Rare New 'Soundwave' Transformer That Turns Into A Mock iPad

Growing up as a nerdy fan of Transformers, generation one, I had Soundwave. He was a blue robot that turned into an (unusable) boombox. When you took the tapes out (there were two),  one turned into a bird and the other turned into a robo-cat of some sort. Well, in Japan right now there is a super rare, kind of expensive new version of Soundwave that shows all us gen one fans just how old we are truly getting.

This Soundwave turns into an iPad.

Not really brand name or working iPad or anything, but still, when it is fully assembled out of robot form into it’s other form, it looks just like a tablet you could pick up and play Angry Birds 46 on.

See for yourselves:

See?!! Told you! Kinda freaky, yet kind of bad ass, huh? The actual design of the robot may not hit my nostalgia nerve right away, but I can tell if I spent some time with it, my feelings would change pretty quickly. Generally, Hasbro knows what it is doing or else it wouldn’t still be doing it so well. And this proves the understand how to change and reboot something while still keeping it cool and hip. Not an easy thing to gel.

All I can say is, pretty clear that the days of Megatron turning into a gun are long past. What next, a Transformer that turns into a WiFi hotspot? I wouldn’t even complain. That sound practical AND awesome. Sorry, just dreaming aloud. Here, have another pic of the new Soundwave.

Read more here about this killer Soundwave and how you will probably never own it. Also, may want to Google translate the page, might help.

(H/T to SuperPunch)

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