Rash Actions And Apologies

The Infinite #1, surprisingly fun.

It looks like I owe Rob Liefeld an apology after my comments last week. After reading Rob Kirkman’s The Infinite #1 from Image, I found it to be a thoroughly fun read. Rob Liefeld’s style intimated as much gore as ever, but was somehow nice and clean. Maybe it was the addition of Adelso Corona’s inks; but the art actually reminded me of when Mr Liefeld’s style was new, fresh and exciting, back in the latter issues of New Mutants and the original X-Force.

In the meantime, Mr Kirkman’s writing avoids so far many of the pitfalls of many a time travel story, with a fast paced, action packed story with a pace that recalled the original Terminator movie. Obviously the standard paradoxes (parodoxi?) will raise their head later as an essential part of the story, and the central character meeting his older self seemed a tad rushed, but then again, that was how the expected fare was sidestepped.

I find I am actually interested in the threat of the Infinite that our bi-located central character faces, although I fear that Mr Kirkman has already revealed that upon their defeat, something far worse will rise to take their place. Possibly even that the big bad guy Imperius is a third incarnation of our hero Bowen.

Shipping today is a curiously named title from Marvel that I would very much like to draw your attention to; that is Vengeance #2.

So far, this just seems like an incarnation of Rick Jones’ Teen Brigade, starring Beak and Angel from prior X-Men and Exiles fame and a number of other young but unfamiliar characters. The first issue involved a boy with the power of the Ulitmate Nullifier defending Stacy-X’s honour (yes, I know that’s a stretch) from the puritanical Magneto.

As for whose Vengeance it is, or what the Vengeance is, there’s no telling yet. And so far, no, there’s no sign of the fake Ghost Rider Michael Badilino of the same name. Nonetheless, I was thoroughly hooked by the first issue, and I would rank this very close to Jonathon Hickman’s SHIELD, it seems that promising.

Written by Joe Casey, this was billed as an exploration behind the motives of Marvel’s villainy as I discovered researching it. I did not see that in the first issue, only the story of young people doing their best in secret, which of course causes its own complications.

Next to Fear Itself or Flashpoint, this title has received very little promotion but it sure deserves the attention.

My other recommendations today include Alpha Flight #3, (what is going on with Heather Hudson? She better be a Skrull or something,); the latest batch of DC Retroactive titles, which have been a lot of fun; Artifacts from Top Cow builds to its conclusion with #9, Zenescope releases Fly #3 while Sinbad is catapulted into the Dream Eater Saga.

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