If you love video games, you’ve probably at least considered going to a Comic Con or other event – but what do you do if you don’t have the DIY skills to craft an awesome cosplay costume? Sure, you could spend a fortune paying someone to assemble a standout look like these Overwatch costumes, but that’s not a budget-friendly solution for most people. No, for the average gamer looking to get into the cosplay scene, there are more practical options.

No matter your crafting ability, you can find a cool, budget-friendly look to represent your favorite franchise. Check out these costume ideas suitable for your next convention because, it’s true – anyone can cosplay.

Check Out The Halloween Sales

One of the easiest solutions for beginners putting together a cosplay costume is to hit the Halloween sales. After all, video games and anime are big business, so you’ll be sure to find plenty of options. This past Halloween, for example, the Fortnite franchise released some fun and affordable costumes, available through Spencer’s and SpiritHalloween. And since Fortnite characters are human, it’s just a matter of getting the right look, whether that’s a Brite Bomber or a Dark Voyager. No need for functioning dragon wings, a complicated tail, or a robot exoskeleton here.

Get Cozy

Have you ever seen those adult onesies designed to look like Disney characters, animals, or mythical creatures? Also known as kigurumi, these onesies are actually based on a traditional Japanese dramatic art. In “Noh,” which means skill or talent, players typically wear masks and costumes to narrate a hero’s journey. The masks are particularly central to portraying emotions and characters.

Kigurumi, then, which is derived from the words kiru (to wear) and nuigurumi (stuffed toy), are designed to allow you to embody your favorite characters, so don’t be afraid to wear yours to ComicCon. You can be Pikachu or Monokuma or even Mega Man. Just don’t let anyone say you’re wearing pajamas. Themed onesies are fun and comfortable, and right now they’re everywhere, so ride the wave while you can.

Examine Anime

Anime is the gold standard of ComicCon cosplay, and while many of the costumes are complex and over the top, especially when done by experienced cosplayers, there are many animes that are perfect for beginners. Many popular kids anime, for example, feature human heroes with easy to make costumes, such as Ash Ketchum from Pokemon. All you need to do is modify a basic hat or pick up a branded Pokemon cap, and then pull together some basic wardrobe items that you can find in any store and wear again. Oher easy anime character costumes include those from My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball Z, and Naruto.

Don’t Forget Disney

Disney may not be considered the trendiest on the cosplay scene, but it remains a favorite in some circles – especially the villains and princesses – so don’t overlook this niche if it appeals to you. Not only are the costumes widely available, but some of the classic Disney cartoon characters like Kim Possible and Zenon make for easy homemade costumes with pieces you’ll be able to reuse in your daily wardrobe. There are also new movies like Big Hero 6 that straddle the line between anime and traditional Disney, and they’re simple, as long as you’re not trying to dress up as Baymax.

Cosplay is meant to be fun, and while some people find crafting elaborate costumes to be a blast, you don’t have to master carpentry, engineering, and the use of a sewing machine to get involved. Whether you buy your costume from the store or assemble it from what’s already in your closet, all that matters is that you’re having a great time.

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