As soon as many first read about or saw The Faceless Man on Game of Thrones, we were all immediately smitten. He was cool, but the quiet kind of cool that a cowboy would have. A very silent demeanor in a world full of brutes, but the character had an undeniable screen presence that left many in awe of him (and intruiged to know more about  who the man was and what name he once wore). Problem is, they give us very little. Morsels and tidbits to tide us over.

But thanks to this article over at DenofGeek right now, we can delve a little deeper into the Faceless Man and some theories on what drives him:

George R.R. Martin’s fantasy novel series is very loosely based on historical figures. The central action finds Martin plucking the roses of Britain’s thorniest royal houses. The guild of the Faceless Men seems to be inspired by the Hashishins, a secret order formed by the enigmatic Hasan bin Sabbah during the Crusades. Some see the Crusades as an early outbreak of Western racist imperialism. The group sometimes fought against the Crusaders and sometimes killed for them. They inspired such western secret societies as The Templars, the Society of Jesus, Priory de Sion, the Freemasons, the Rosicrucian Orders and, of course, the secret society to end all secret societies the Illuminati. Yes, we’re going there.

Peep the rest of the great piece over at the site itself. It is always cool to get to gaze a little deeper down the rabbit hole of Game of Thrones, no matter who we are learning about.

[Story, Image via Den of Geek]

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