Lisa Kudrow’s character Phoebe Buffay was pregnant with triplets in Friends season four but the real reason behind the pregnancy may surprise some fans.

Phoebe would go down in history as one of the most memorable characters in the television world for her quirky and generous personality. Alongside her individuality, she was a dedicated sister and friend and agreed to be a surrogate for her brother’s triplets. But the surrogacy storyline was written for one significant reason.

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The real reason Phoebe was pregnant with triplets will surprise you

The triplets’ storyline during the fourth season of Friends coincided with Lisa Kudrow’s real-life pregnancy. Lisa was pregnant with her only child, son Julian Murray Stern, in 1997.

The creators of the show decided to write a surrogacy storyline for Phoebe in season four after her brother Frank Jr and his wife Alice decided to have children.

When Frank Jr and Alice found out they couldn’t conceive naturally, they asked Phoebe to be their surrogate. Phoebe accepted and gave birth to triplets Frank Jr. Jr., Leslie, and Chandler in season five.

Lisa’s real-life pregnancy has come as a huge surprise to some fans who continuously share their reactions on Twitter.

One fan reacted: “As if Lisa Kudrow was actually pregnant when Phoebe has triplets!” Someone else wrote: “Today I learned Lisa Kudrow was actually pregnant in Friends.”

Lisa Kudrow welcomed her son in 1998

Lisa welcomed her son Julian, on May 7, 1998, and season five premiered a few months later, in September of the same year. Phoebe gave birth to the triplets in season five, episode three, titled The One Hundredth.

In a previous interview with People, Lisa talked about the pregnancy storyline and how her co-stars reacted to her being pregnant in real life.

She said: “The six of us would do a huddle backstage and just say, ‘All right, have a good show, love you love you love you love you’. And when I was pregnant, then they would say, ‘Have a great show, love you love you — love you, little Julian!’”

“Cause we knew it was a boy and that was his name,” she continued. “So sweet, they included my little fetus in the huddle.”

Who is Julian Murray Stern?

Lisa’s son developed an interest in acting after spending part of his childhood on the set of Friends. The beloved sitcom wrapped up filming in 2004 when he turned six years old.

It seems that he is proudly following in his mother’s footsteps. Julian graduated from the University of Southern California in 2021 and has pursued a career in acting and cinematography. In January this year, he shared the poster of the short film he appeared in, titled Seth’s Big Break 2.

The Friends actress marked her son’s 25th birthday on May 7 with a touching video featuring childhood snaps of Julian alongside the sweet caption: “Happy birthday, my lovely boy.”

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