How to Record Video Game Footage

At some point or other most gamers have toyed with the idea of recording footage of their games – possibly to share their in-game heroics with their friends, or to create content such as guides of their very own. In the past recording video game footage has always been fairly involved however, but that is no longer the case nowadays.

As sharing videos, livestreaming and other similar activities have grown in popularity – the tools that gamers have at their disposal to record video game footage have expanded. That being said, there are still two distinct cases that need to be considered: Recording video game footage from consoles and recording it from computers.

Recording Gaming Footage from Consoles

Today’s generation of consoles tend to have built-in video capture of some kind or other – which simplifies the task of recording gaming footage from them immensely. In the case of the PS4 or Xbox One your games are constantly being recorded in the background into a temporary buffer, so you can access it and share or save it as you see fit.

It is worth noting that the exact amount of footage that is saved to the buffer varies from platform to platform, as do the options that you’ll have at your disposal to save or share videos. Still if you want to casually record video game footage on a console it is definitely the most convenient option.

The other method of recording gaming footage from consoles is by using a capture device and plugging it into your console. The capabilities of these cards vary in terms of the resolutions they can record, frame rates, as well as the type of encoding that is used. Keep in mind that some capture devices can be fairly complicated – especially if you have little or no experience with video capture in the first place.

Recording Gaming Footage from Computers

Unlike consoles, computers have always been a bit more flexible when it comes to recording gaming footage. In fact all that you really need is a screen recorder or screen capture software of some kind that is able to record footage from your screen – in this case the video game.

Screen recorders nowadays come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Some are fairly basic and will just record everything on your screen, while others are a bit more customizable and can be set to record specific parts of your screen, various audio sources, and so on.

In fact you may be surprised to know that the Xbox app in Windows 10 actually does have a built-in screen recorder of sorts. It is definitely a bit on the more basic side, but it can definitely be used to record footage in a pinch.

The same approach applies to video capture on Mac as well, with screen recorders such as Movavi Screen Capture for Mac letting you record footage from your screen. It will let you control all the recording parameters such as the capture area, frame rate, and audio sources, as well as allow you to record any keyboard and mouse actions as well.

Essentially that should cover pretty much everything you need to know about how to go about recording video game footage – on both consoles as well as computers. As you can see there are several options available, and it is largely a question of personal preference (and platform). Honestly the best thing to do would be to first experiment with the built-in features and see if they suffice, then move on to more advanced options if they do not.

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