Redline - Review

By Nopy

Japanese anime has long been known for its style and visual attraction when compared to other animation, but Redline is a film that takes it to a whole new level. Produced by Madhouse Studios and directed by Takeshi Koike, the film redefines the meaning of art and style in the anime industry.

The story takes place in the distant future and revolves around Redline, the deadliest race in the universe. Our main hero, JP, has long dreamed of competing in the event with the help of his partner and mechanic, Frisbee. Throw in fellow racer and love interest, Sonoshee, a whole bunch of alien racers, missiles, lasers, machine guns, and weapons of mass destruction and you’ve got the basic premise of the film.


Redline makes it clear in the first few minutes that it’s a film about speed, adrenaline, gar, and explosions, lots of explosions. Anyone looking forward to a deep plot with character development and intense drama will certainly be disappointed as the stunning visuals are what the production staff spent the majority of their time on.

What sets this movie apart is that unlike the average action film, everything is way over the top. There are no rules in the Redline race, meaning racers are free to equip their vehicles with whatever weapons they can afford. In addition to that, the race is being held on a military-centric planet, across their most guarded military facilities. The sheer number of explosions from racers dodging every weapon imaginable is enough to please any action buff.

The animation style in Redline does not follow that of conventional anime. Rather than going with cute character designs and pleasant settings, the characters of Redline more closely resemble those that you would find in comic books. I found it to be very fitting; after all, if you’re making an anime that’s filled to the brim with mind-blowing action, would you want cute characters or sexy and manly characters?

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The movie soundtrack was written and composed by James Shimoji and contains mainly techno music. While the style of music may not sound like a good fit for a racing film, it actually works very well with all of the alien technology shown and custom-made vehicles that look more like spaceships with wheels.

I highly recommend Redline to anyone who’s an action or racing buff. Even if you don’t watch anime, I’m sure most people would appreciate the fluid racing scenes and pure blood-pumping action. To get a glimpse of some of the content, check out the trailer. The movie is due to be released in the UK and US on November 14.

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