Relieve Voter Fatigue with 'Vote!!!'

Didn’t see this coming: Chair Entertainment, maker of runaway iOS success Infinity Blade, has put out a slapstick freebie based on the forthcoming Presidential election, called Vote!!!. (All three exclamation points are part of the title.)

Using the same Unreal technology used to build Infinity Blade and its sequel, Vote!!! asks you to pick one of the two major candidates to play as: President Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. You then engage in a series of madcap brawling matches against your opponent, in a winner-take-all battle for the White House. The real candidates’ best-known catch phrases are spouted by the characters in the game during their fights, adding to the humor.

The game’s cartoonish visuals look good on the latest iOS devices, but the play mechanics are silly and repetitive. Chair did as much as it could to spice up this premise, such as letting you earn coins from winning bouts, which can be spent on crazy outfits (including superhero, Elvis, and Uncle Sam costumes), bat-like weapons (such as a rolled-up Constitution, a giant foam hand, a lightsaber, and lots more), and loads of goofy accessories. As you play, you can also unlock in-game votes. Players all over the world earn these virtual votes in the name of their candidate, adding them to a running global tally. You can also purchase coins in-game (with real money) if you want to change things up without devoting lots of time to playing the game right off the bat.

Vote!!! was made in association with Rock the Vote, so it comes with real-world voter registration baked right in. But playing it gets old, fast. At least it’s free!

The game isn’t in any way representative of the actual election process, of course, so teachers and parents, don’t bother hoping to find some educational value. But there is some appeal in taking the politics out of politics. There are no boring speeches, no conventions, no debates, no arrogant talking heads on TV telling you who to vote for. You don’t even have to leave the house to go down to your local voting station.

To win this race, you just hit your opponent. Be honest: there are times you wish it were this simple in real life.

Download Vote!!! for free right here.

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