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Reliving The Big Bang Theory: Most Iconic Moments

By Bea

Our whole universe was in a hot, dense state then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started, wait. If you just sang this in your head, congratulations! You are a certified fan of The Big Theory. The sitcom, which ran from 2007-2019, was one of the most iconic sitcoms to grace the world of television due to its unique premise, lovable characters, witty puns, and hilarious banter. The plot focuses on 4 geeky, socially awkward co-workers and their oftentimes failed attempts at having social (and love) lives outside of the lab. It’s been over a year since the finale, and we are already missing the entire gang. Here are some of the most iconic Big Bang Theory moments to relive the show.

The Time We First Heard “Soft Kitty”

One of popular recurring bits of the show is the song Soft Kitty. We first hear it in season 1 when Sheldon gets sick and asks Penny to sing it to him. A reluctant Penny agrees after finding out that the song is what Sheldon’s mom used to sing to him every time he was sick as a kid. Since then, the song has been an iconic part of the show.

Penny Gives Sheldon the Best Christmas Gift

Sheldon has a compulsive need to give Christmas gifts that are equal to what he receives. For his very first exchange gift with Penny, he buys different gift baskets at varied price points to ensure this. Sheldon who only expected a superficial gift from Penny, got the surprise of his lifetime. Who would have thought that Penny would give Sheldon the best gift he’s ever received? It turns out her gift was a napkin signed and used by Leonard Nimoy, Sheldon’s hero. Out of pure gratitude and shock, Sheldon gives Penny all of the gift baskets he was supposed to choose from.

Raj Talks to a Girl for the First Time

The ever adorable and well-meaning Raj was the most socially awkward of the group with his inability to talk to any girl. In season 1 episode 8, we see the gang drinking alcohol at Penny’s as she practices her bartending skills. Much to everyone’s surprise, Raj starts talking to Penny. This is the first time we see Raj speaking directly to any girl without having to pass the message via his friends. This “cure” gave Raj the confidence to start talking to and dating women. But with him intoxicated majority of the time, this cure often backfired on him.

Raj Talks to a Girl Sober

In season 2, we finally see Raj’s character progress from talking to women intoxicated to talking to them sober! It all started with him thinking he was drinking a bottle of alcohol, when in fact, it was non-alcoholic. As soon as he finds out his drink was non-alcoholic, he immediately shifts back to not being able to talk to women. This is when we all find out that Raj’s fear of talking to women is purely just psychological.

Penny Punches Sheldon

In the episode where the group fights over an actual ring prop used in the Lord of the Rings films, Sheldon tries to sneak up on Penny in her sleep. Little does he know that Penny is one tough gal who can throw a good punch. This has got to be one of the funniest Big Bang Theory moments ever!

The Girls Beat the Guys at Game Night

Sheldon and Leonard challenge Amy and Penny to a Battle of the Sexes game night. Confident that they had the upper hand, Sheldon and Leonard were in for a surprise when the girls beat them at all the games including wrestling, dizzy long division, and a pie eating contest.

Sheldon First Says “Bazinga”

Throughout the series, we’ve heard Sheldon say this word whenever he makes a joke or pulls a prank on someone. It was first heard in season 2 episode 23 when Sheldon already developed a mild sense of humor. “You actually had it right in the first place. Once again, you’ve fallen for one of my classic pranks. Bazinga!” said Sheldon.

Sheldon and Amy Got Back Together

After Amy breaks up with Sheldon in season 8, she goes on a date with a Nobel peace prize winner idolized by Sheldon. When Sheldon hears about this, he gets jealous and realizes that he wants to get back together with Amy. While on a date in season 9, Amy gets interrupted by Sheldon who tells her how he feels. The date ends with Amy and Sheldon getting back together.

Leonard and Penny’s First Wedding

The show’s main couple Leonard and Penny started their will-they-won’t-they relationship in season 1. Throughout several seasons, they have become friends, lovers, enemies, and lovers again. Finally in season 9, we unexpectedly see them tie the knot by eloping in Las Vegas.

Leonard and Penny’s Second Wedding

Finally joined by their friends and family, Leonard and Penny tie the knot for the second time with a real ceremony to renew their vows. Bernadette was the one who officiated the wedding, just as Penny was the one who officiate Howard and Bernadette’s. The wedding wouldn’t be complete without Amy playing the wedding march with her harp. This is one of the Big Bang Theory moments that completed the series.

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