A year is definitely not complete without remastered classic video games. Every year, tons of new games are being released for different gaming consoles. However, for this year, there is a significant number of classic video games we all loved as kids being remade or remastered.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

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One of the most anticipated remakes for 2020 is Final Fantasy VII Remake. The game was first released for the Playstation 1 in 1997 and 23 years later, a remake was released last April 10. Just like its predecessor, the remake has had a good reception since its release – even becoming the best-selling game in the US for the month of April. However, despite the great sales, Square Enix still hasn’t commented on whether the game will be released on other platforms.

One of the things to look out for this remake is that it will take on an episodic format with the first installment released last April. Furthermore, while the overall story has not changed, the story is far different from the original. Its episodic format allows players to dive deeper into the stories of the game that even old-time players can expect some sort of surprise.

Super Mario Series

The Super Mario series s celebrating its 35th anniversary this year. To commemorate this special event, Nintendo is releasing a series of remastered classic video games of Super Mario on Switch. The announcement of which games are to be remastered was supposed to be revealed during E3 2020. Due to the pandemic, it was one of the gaming conventions cancelled this year.

There have been no announcements on the release dates, but it was reported that some of the titles included in the remaster are: Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Mario Sunshine. Other than these classic video games remaster, a Paper Mario game is slated to be released this year.

Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated

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For those who grew up with Spongebob Squarepants, this classic video game remake is definitely something to look forward to. First released in 2003 for Xbox, Playstation 2, and Gamecube consoles, its remake will be released Xbox One, Playstation 4, Switch, and PC. The original game has gained a cult following over the years, even getting recognized as a part of the Top 100 Games of the 21st Century.

While Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated has a different developer from the original, fans of the game will still have something to look forward to. Just like the other classic video games remaster, the Spongebob Squarepants remake will have better graphics. Furthermore, it will feature a new multiplayer mode and even restored content such as the Robo Squidward boss fight. The remake is set to be released on June 23, 2020.

Tony Hawk’s ProSkater 1+2

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The Tony Hawk’s ProSkater 1+2 remake definitely came as a surprise for gamers. The original game is remastered for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC consoles and will be released on September 4. The remake was picked up by Vicarious Visions, a developer also known for the Crash Bandicoot remaster released last 2017. The two titles will be sold as one but players can switch between titles easily.

The remake will feature the full lineup of pro skaters of the century such as Steve Caballero, Jamie Thomas, and Tony Hawk. With better graphics in 4k quality, players can enjoy new tricks found in the originals and later games. Moreover, Create-A-Park and Create-A-Skater tools will be available with newly-added features! Plus, enjoy playing with the remake’s new online multiplayer mode.

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

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One of the remastered classic video games to look forward to is Xenoblade Chronicles: Definite Edition. Initially released on the Nintendo Wii console in 2010, the remake was released last May 29 on Switch. Since 2010, Xenoblade Chronicles has had sequels, and even became Monolith Soft’s best-selling title.

A sci-fi and fantasy RPG game, the remake will be featuring updated high-definition graphics and visual effects. Players will be able to enjoy the journey of Shulk and his friends in better quality. Furthermore, Monolith Soft has added a new epilogue where players can see what happens a year after the main story.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX

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Another popular classic video game remade is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. Initially released in 2005 for Nintendo DS and Gameboy Advance, the 2020 remake is now available for the Switch. A spin-off from the Pokemon series, the player plays as a Pokemon and goes through randomly-generated dungeons with their team!

What’s interesting about the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon remake opted for a watercolor-style graphic. This is very different from other video game remakes that feature modern graphics. The game itself is perhaps an ideal remake, with choosing to keep the storyline, while adding new features to enhance the gameplay. One more thing to look forward to the remake is the addition of Mega Evolution and Pokemon found in the later games.

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