What I Remember About Dinosaurs: A Kickstarter Project to Watch Out For

[UPDATE] The project is now live on Kickstarter. Show Brian your support! What I Remember About Dinosaurs.

What do you remember about dinosaurs? To be honest, I don’t remember much at all. I do remember a period in my childhood when dinosaur picture and sticker books were all the rage. Back then, we had to save up our allowances to be able to afford the books AND the stickers.

I do not know too many kids these days, but it seems to me that they generally are not into dinosaurs as we were back then. Maybe it’s time to change that.

If there’s anything that might contribute to a positive change in this regard, I think it’s Brian Russell’s upcoming Kickstarter project: What I Remember About Dinosaurs.

Brian is an author and illustrator, the brains behind the web comic The Underfold. I discovered him via Twitter and when I got wind of his book project about dinosaurs, I knew that I was on to something.

Recently, Brian completed the illustrations for What I Remember About Dinosaurs. He kindly sent a review copy my way, and all I can say is I can’t wait for his Kickstarter launch. This is one book I would love my nephews to have and look back on with fondness.

Here’s a little background on how the project came to be.

What I Remember About Dinosaurs is a humorous children’s book about what I learned about the prehistoric creatures 20+ years ago. Infused with opinions and my personal-brand of humor, the book highlights how certain things have changed over the years including how the Brontosaurus went from one of my favorite dinosaurs, to non-existent; Velociraptors turning from fearsome and intelligent, to debate-ably feathered; and more.

Here’s what’s in store for us once the project kicks off.

Now do you understand why I am totally backing this up?

On top of the illustrations, the accompanying explanations and descriptions are totally catchy. They are so simple that very young children can latch on to the concepts, and yet still have enough allure to attract older children.

There is no set date for the Kickstarter launch yet, but stay tuned and monitor the page Dinosaurs. Once the project is live, this URL will redirect to where you can help Brian out and get yourself your kids/nephews/nieces a neat dinosaur book.

You can also follow Brian on Twitter: @Brian_Russell.

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