Remember the Amiga?

Back in the late 80s, when I was in college, I owned an Amiga 500. The OS booted off of a floppy, but it had loads of memory (relative to all my dormmates PCs), had awesome sound and graphics, and it was all native. Even that was an upgrade from a Commodore 64, so I had yet to even really see a “PC compatible”. With what I could do on the Amiga, I found it difficult to comprehend why anyone would mess around with a PC.

Sometime later I gave some guy on the internet the 500 and some cash and got myself a 2000 with dual floppies and a 40MB HDD. Now I was in the big leagues, with a Motorola 68030 25MHz processor–a real screamer. No, seriously. It was 1990 and that was some serious speed then. That machine was my baby for some time until I eventually got out in the real world and finally got bit by the PC bug. I’ve missed it ever since.

If you know anything about Commodore, you know it’s been bought a gazillion times by as many companies, after each in turn went bankrupt for one reason or another. Eventually, the Amiga faded away into oblivion, despite small pockets of devoted users who to this day somehow manage to keep it’s legacy alive.

Now it seems that the Amiga may have found a new name for itself, with a new operating system and a new hardware platform. Is the Amiga back? We’ll have to wait and see.

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