Return to the LOST Island via Downloadable Far Cry 5 Custom Map

Do you still miss the ABC TV series “Lost”? Or maybe just the feeling of obsessing over the endless mysteries of the show? And have you ever wished you had more time to just explore the island itself without having to pony up for a plane ticket to Oahu? Well, now you’ve got your chance, especially if you already own a copy of Far Cry 5.

A fan of both franchises, using the Far Cry 5 Arcade Map Editor, built out a not-quite-to-scale version of the reality warping island within the game. But what it lacks in exact square mile footage, it makes up in all of the little details that matter. Hang out on the beach among the wreckage, flip open the Swan hatch and find the button that needs to be pressed every 108 minutes, and even explore the Others camp and the Looking Glass (try not to drown). Relive the mystery all over again, this time with a high powered machine gun in your hand. You might even get a chance to see the Smoke Monster if you look hard enough.

The creator of the Far Cry 5 custom map says it’s best experienced as a solo or co-op mission. Personally, I’d rather just wander aimlessly without having to shoot anyone. I feel the same way about Grand Theft Auto games too, so I guess I’m just weird that way. If you want to download it for yourself, the map has been uploaded to PS4 as: LOST TV Series. More information is available in the video description.

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