Return Of The Masters

The Power Of Grayskull, included with certain Classics figures.

Knowing of my love of all things Eternia, a friend passed me a copy of The Power Of Grayskull, a mini-comic included in the new set of Mattel Masters Of The Universe Classics figures. Obviously, (as suggested in the word ‘mini’), the tale was short and sweet, but it awoke a lust for yet more MOTU material.

After all, if the Thundercats can make a successful cartoon relaunch, so can He-Man and his friends, especially with the story put forward in the new comic.

Whereas the second He-Man cartoon placed Adam in the future of Eternia, now he has been sent into the far past, to the cheesely-named Preternia. And of course, Skeletor has followed him, and the standard antics ensue, as both are faced with the early empire of King Hiss and the Snake Men.

Meanwhile, in the present, Eternia is fighting for it’s freedom against a new attack by the evil Horde, and the rise of the Snake Men once again. I never really think that MOTU had such a large amount of continuity, but I was surprised to find even the slightest throwaway mention of events brought everything back. MOTU is far richer and more complex than mere memories of an after-school cartoon tend to suggest.

It was not that long ago that I wrote applauding the relaunch of Atlas, or demanding the relaunch of Crystar, Crystal Warrior. I ogled the current interpretation of Transformers from IDW and eagerly anticipated the new Thundercats cartoon. (Have you seen it yet? It’s really good. It sent my continuity brain in fits of apoplexy, but that aside,  it promises to be a thoroughly enjoyable series.)

How I managed to forget the Masters Of The Universe in that assortment surprises me. I had thought the line to be dead as a dodo. Yet with a simple eight-page story, Scott Nietlich and Tim Seeley have reawakened my passion, and opened the field for a whole new range of comics and cartoons.

If we buy the toys that is, I assume. Hey, if even Voltron Force can return to our screens, then I am convinced that the MOTU can. Image, are you listening? The last MOTU title Image produced in concert with MVCreations was well worth the read, so lets see some new material.

In the meantime, we should all get some fanbuzz going, and remind the animators there is a demand. We want more MOTU!

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