I’ve always thought that “myth” is a relative term. Who’s to say that mythological creatures don’t exist and we just haven’t seen them today? Or that they exist in another dimension? If you don’t agree with me, as Bigfoot chasers…

Mythological Characters Deconstructed

Now, I’m not sure if artist Hannah McGill has seen any mythological creatures, but her Reverse Mythological Illustrations are something to behold.

I don’t really need to explain “reverse”, as the images will speak for themselves.

Warning: brace yourself if you’re squeamish, although it really isn’t that bad.

Reverse Mythological Creatures Illustrations by Hannah McGill

Reverse Mermaid

reverse mythological creatures illustrations

“It tries to warn ships away from rocky water but the sailors are attracted to its supple legs.”

Reverse Minotaur

reverse mythological creatures illustrations

“The Reverse Minotaur lives in a long, narrow hallway that is well-marked with signs telling you exactly where you need to go to find him.”

Reverse Wyvern

weird mythological creatures

“Also known as the Reverse WHY?!vern.”

Reverse Fairy


“The Reverse Fairy loves to collect iron, but nobody features it on stationery for some reason…”

So, what do you think?

Are these reverse mythological creatures illustrations better than the “real” ones, or are they overboard? Which one do you think is the best (or worst, depending on your perspective)?

Check out more of Hannah McGill’s work on Tumblr.

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