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FF 12, the children go to save the day!

Well, now we have seen what we all knew to be the case, Johnny Storm the fabled Human Torch is alive and well. Not that we couldn’t see that coming, but I am pleasantly surprised as to how the youngest of the original Foursome was able to survive.

Of course, if you have read Fantastic Four #600, then you will know that survived is a very strong term. If you haven’t, I won’t spoil it for you, except to say GO READ IT!

I am pleased (and somewhat disappointed) to see that I was wrong, assuming that Lyja was going to pull Johnny’s fat out of the fire. (I’m sure that is the wrong metaphor somehow.)

Meanwhile the FF title continues with the tale of the children. Now if there are sections of the history of the FF that you have fond memories of even though really they should make you cringe? (Or that you cringe anyway, but you still like them?) The current season of the FF is the antidote to all of that.

Remember the Hyperstorm saga? Erm, saga is a strong word for it. What about when Franklin hung around with Power Pack? The Johnny/Crystal/Quicksilver love triangle? Try adding Ronan!

We have Inhumans and Celestials, Kree and the Dire Wraith, Moloids and children everywhere. Even Kristoff Vernard is getting a look in. This is Marvel at its very best, one eye on history and two more on the future.

So, this lead me to thinking who else deserves a resurrection? Obviously time has come round again that Jean Grey must surely be on her way back sometime soon.

Yet resurrections can take many forms, and I really wonder about some of the properties that Marvel have let languish over the years. Can we see another Starbrand please? Or the return of the Ultraverse? After all, is the Night Man (one of him) supposed to be wandering around the Marvel Universe.

How about the Dark Angel of Marvel UK? (Whose original name none of us must mention, even when selling those early issues apparently as I discovered putting mine on sale on eBay. They became ‘the comic later known as Dark Angel’ due to legal emails I received. Possessive or what?)

We could look at some of the other properties as well. Is the industry really better off without the DNAgents or the Elementals? I for one insist on their return.

So, who would you like to see return?

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