Every Game of Thrones fan remembers the horror of watching the Red Wedding. The show left everyone horrified, traumatized, and shocked when one of the show’s key characters Robb Stark was murdered.

Robb Stark’s shocking death left many Game of Thrones fans sobbing. However, the Scottish actor who played the King in the North was also sobbing after shooting his last scene. Richard Madden once revealed in an interview that he boarded a flight back home blood-soaked and sobbing after filming his climax scene.

Richard Madden boarded a flight covered in blood after GOT death

In his interview with British GQ from 2019, Richard revealed that he boarded a plane in his blood-soaked outfit after filming Robb’s gruesome death scene. Fans will remember that Robb died in season 3’s episode 9 The Rains of Castamere.

While doing an interview segment called GQ Action Replay, Richard rewatched his Red Wedding death scene. Like all of us, the actor too winced in pain as he watched the gut-wrenching scenes. At the end of the video, the actor, 37, revealed that he rushed on a flight back to London after shooting the horrifying scene. He notes that he boarded a flight “covered in fake blood, exhausted and just sobbing very loudly on the plane.”

The Scottish hunk recalls that people kept looking at him “quite strangely.”

“It looked like I just murdered someone and got on a flight which in fact I hadn’t, I’d been murdered,” he hilariously says.

Actor recalls ’emotional’ scene when Rob sees wife and unborn child die

“This is quite an emotional sequence,” Richard says commenting on the scene where an injured Robb looks at his dying wife Talisa. She’s stabbed several times in the stomach by one of Lord Frey’s soldiers and is bleeding out on the floor.

Robb who is also lying on the floor after being injured by arrows. He raises his head and sees Talisa dying in front of him. He noted how “watching your unborn child be murdered and your wife slowly dying in your arms” was a very emotional scene to do as an actor.

Arya Stark avenging her family’s death was pure gold television

Perhaps one of the most satisfying scenes in Game of Thrones was when Arya Stark killed Lord Frey. She sneaks closer to an unsuspecting Frey and slits his throat. Arya uses her newly learned skill where she uses the faces of others to disguise herself.

She poses as one of Lord Frey’s servants and sneaks into his and Lannister’s celebrations after they take over House Tully. Once the Lannister army leaves, Arya brings Lord Frey a pie. Arya reveals she killed his sons Black Walder and Lothar and the pie served to him contained their dismembered parts.

She then reveals her true identity. Frey attempts to flee but Arya grabs him slitting his throat watching with satisfaction as Frey bleeds out. This was a throwback to how her mother Catelyn had died during the Red Wedding.

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