Boss battles should be the highlight of any game. They really should. From the start of console gaming, games had boss fights, some cool, some just asinine. Thing is, sometimes an asinine boss fights can be hilarious, and sometimes it can make you want to hurl your controller at the screen in rage and annoyance. So what constitutes a ridiculous boss battle? A couple factors for this list, actually. One, are they funny? Funny bosses fit. Two, were they too easy or too difficult to defeat? That can factor in as well. Finally, overall WTF factor for each boss. If they make you so WTF, they make the list.

Here are 6 utterly ridiculous (sometimes awesome, sometimes literally shitty) video game boss fights.

The Joker from Arkham Asylum


I will admit, when I first got to The Joker at the end of Arkham Asylum I wasn’t even mad. I know how basic gaming works, and we were obviously going to fight the Joker himself. So when I saw a roided out version, I just kinda laughed and beat his ass.

But as time has gone on, I have realized all the sick and awesome things they could have done with that boss fight instead of ruining one of the greatest bad guys in all of fiction. Joker messes with Batman, but not fighting. Imagine an arena full of Joker traps you would navigate while trying to find his control room and beat his ass? That woulda kicked ass.

Instead, they gave us THAT fucking thing (points up at video). Fail.

The Great and Mighty Poo from Conker’s Bad Fur Day


Come on. Did you think a giant, singing piece of shit with corn in it would not make the list of ridiculous boss fights? It is pretty much THE most ridiculous boss fight of all time. You are a perverted squirrel fighting a piece of shit that sings opera. If you do not see the genius in that, why are you even reading my writing?

Also, self high five for this being the 22nd time in my life I have been paid to talk about singing shit.

Mara from Shin Megami Tensei


You may not know this game, but peep the video above and you will see why this abomination made the list.

It is a giant cock. No joke. A monster cock, literally.

It is pretty much a giant penis with teeth and tentacles and shit. Like, what can I even say about that? The craziest part is, if you know this game, you know this thing isn’t even the weirdest thing in it. But still, giant cock had to make the list.

That’s what she said.

Mega Smith from The Matrix: Path of Neo


This one is ridiculous good AND ridiculous bad. The Wachowski’s (who worked on the movie and the story for this game) knew they didn’t have a final boss fight for Path of Neo and chose to actually address that in game. They then tell you that they have a cool boss for you to fight, and then they throw an INSANE boss at you. It is Agent Smith from all the movies, but he is fucking giant and made up of other Smiths.

It would have been bad, but they know it was bad and make fun of it in game before it happens. That crosses over and makes it cool again.

That Pussy from Fable 2


All I know is I played through Fable 2 really digging on it. Big game, lots to do, lush visuals. While playing it you assume it is all leading up to an awesome ending battle that will fit the epic tone of the rest of the game. Boy were you ever wrong.

The end of Fable 2 has you shoot (yes, shoot, in a fantasy game) a man once and he falls to his death. Final boss fight, no joke. It was such a hackneyed final ending that many people thought the game glitched or they missed something when they first experienced it.

This is literally the blue print for how you DON’T handle a boss fight.

Every Boss Ever from Every Metal Gear Game Ever


It all started with Psycho Mantis. A boss who could read your memory card and predict your movement. Shit got weirder in second game with a fucking vampire boss. Third game has The End. A boss you can literally wait around long enough and he will eventually die of old age. Part 4 had an Octopus women who you can take seductive pictures of. part 5 had, well, Quiet. Not a boss, but like any of us were paying attention to anything else with her around.

But the point here is, when it comes to ridiculous boss fights, the Metal Gear series has this shit on lockdown. Creative, fun, and memorable battles always.

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