RoboEarth. A world wide web for robots, the downfall of humans?

As humans are we inching ever closer to the day envisioned in the superb? film I, Robot, starring Will Smith, where NS-5-type robots controlled by a supercomputer akin to the film’s VIKI, resulting in robots turning on humans and killing us?  

More than likely not, but robots are making great strides in many areas, including getting their own world wide web, RoboEarth.

What is RoboEarth?  The creation is an Internet development designed to make “life” easy for robots.  As if they didn’t have it easy already.

Similar to our world wide web, using RoboEarth, robots will have the capability to communicate with other robots on learned tasks, in addition to routine uploads of data about what it is doing (Twitter?) and where it is (Foursquare/Gowalla?).

With RoboEarth, robots could for example, learn to assemble something by data one robot has learned and uploaded to RoboEarth, sharing it with other robots, eliminating the need for human intervention.

The project, funded by the EU, has been in the works for a year, recently reaching a milestone when AMIGO, a robot downloaded instructions necessary to deliver a drink to a patient. Seriously.  Take a look:

Pretty incredible, but nothing to fear, at this point.  Thankfully for those that fear what robots may eventually do to the human race (hand raised) RoboEarth is, at present, only a knowledge base, lacking central intelligence, artificial or otherwise.

What do you think of RoboEarth?  Do you find it neat, or potentially frightening?

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