Roccat has built an amazing reputation for making quality PC gaming peripherals over the last few years, so much so they’re now slugging it out in the big leagues. Combining their latest Kone XP Air with ‘Stellar Wireless’ is all well and good, but is it worth players digging deep into their pockets to get one? Let’s break this beast of a gaming mouse down in our Roccat Kone XP Air Wireless review:

ROCCAT | Kone XP Air Trailer

ROCCAT | Kone XP Air Trailer

Technical Specifications – Roccat Kone XP Air Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

This gaming mouse is the culmination of Roccat’s 15 years of research and development to not only develop a gaming mouse but one for multiple uses. The best way to put the message across regarding what the Kone Xp Air Wireless can do is a good old-fashion specs table:

Sensor– ROCCAT® Owl-Eye 19K optical sensor.
– Adjustable lift-off distance.
– 50g acceleration
– Minimum/Maximum DPI: 50/19,000
Connectivity– 2.4GHz STELLAR WIRELESS via USB-A Adapter
– Bluetooth
– USB Report Rate:1,000 Hz
SwitchesROCCAT® Titan Switch Optical
Durability100 million click life cycle
Dimensions– Length: 126mm
– Height: 40mm
– Width: 72mm
– Weight: 99g
Included – Charging Dock
– PhantomFlex™ Charging Cable
– Quick-start guide
Compatibility– Windows® 7 and above (software support)
– USB 2.0 (or higher)
– Internet connection (for driver software)

Feels Like A Monster – Roccat Kone XP Air Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

Bottom of Roccat Kone XP Air Wireless Mouse plugged into charging dock
Image by Christian Wait

The first thing everyone wants to know when buying a new mouse is how does it feel? Well, the good news is that the Roccat Kone XP Air Wireless feel like it was moulded for a human’s right hand. The ergonomics mixed in with the button placement under the thumb and on the right-hand side feels natural.

Whilst light, it’s robust. Each click on every button means it, including the 4D click mouse wheel that’s often an oversight on gaming mice. There’s a total of 29 assignable functions on this beast, which are easily executed thanks to the nimble Roccat Swarm software and ‘Easy-Shift [+].

Rather than the shiny gloss found on some gaming mice, Kone XP Air Wireless comes in either black or white Matt finishes. It’s translucent yet strong, nothing about the build quality is worrying throughout our time reviewing this bit of kit.

The only issue we have with the ergonomics is that it’s engineered for right-hand players. Left-hand players won’t be able to experience the benefits of this gaming mouse. The Kone XP Air Wireless is going to be better suited for palm grip players rather than claw too.

Looks Like A Beast – Roccat Kone XP Air Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

Roccat Kone XP Air Wireless Mouse displaying different RGB colours
Image by Christian Wait

Roccat’s RGB game is top-notch thanks to their AIMO lighting ecosystem that features inside the mouse casing in a ribbon formation and the charging dock as well. That’s a grand total of 16.8 million colours and can also communicate with other AIMO-enabled products to sync up. For example, we had the Kone XP Air Wireless synced up with a Roccat Pyro keyboard.

Aesthetically it’s surprisingly sleek considering the functionality, and the semi-translucent casing towards the palm casing shows off the 4D RGB lighting in a stunning yet classy fashion. This is probably the first time someone has put classy and RGB in the same sentence, but we’re being serious.

It would have been nice to see more RGB on the mouse as it’s mostly out of sight when in use, but it looks great nonetheless.

Works Like A Pro

Side Profile of Roccat Kone XP Air Wireless Mouse displaying different RGB colours
Image by Christian Wait

Going back to the beginning of the review, the Stellar Wireless really is stellar. Thanks to the 2.4Ghz signal beaming to the included dongle, there’s no noticeable lag with this wireless gaming mouse. There’s also a Bluetooth option as well, but we would recommend using the dongle when gaming just for the best signal.

The connectivity is complemented with Roccat’s Owl-Eye 19k DPI optical sensor that does a great job for any kind of PC gaming. We would argue that it is a good choice for competitive play thanks to its speed, palm grip potential and incredibly responsive Titan Optical Switches.

Forgot to charge before playing? Don’t worry, the included Rapid Charge Dock provides up to five hours of playtime on a ten-minute charge, with the Roccat Kone XP Air Wireless lasting for up to 100 hours on a full charge. There’s a PhantomFlex USB-C cable also included for when players can’t wait around, although we’d be surprised if there was a situation like this.


The Roccat Kone XP Air Wireless is a stunning bit of kit, and it’s almost perfect. It’s a solid gaming mouse choice and has the specifications to back it up, but it’s a tough price point for a mouse that is right-hand only and only suits palm grip gameplay.

It really is a well-built gaming mouse that will last players a long time and has all the bells and whistles on it. If those bells and whistles are worth it for players, then go for it.

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