Rock Band 4 from Harmonix Gets the Band Back Together in 2015!

Anyone remember the arguably most popular multiplayer party gaming trend of the last decade that wasn’t just on the Nintendo Wii? You know the one: It went away almost as quickly as it rose to popularity. That’s right: rhythm games. What other genre of gaming required you to purchase a set of very specific controllers that were good for ONLY that series of games? Maybe 6 or 7 years ago, many of us were rocking out with friends or just on our own, running through a collection of classic and obscure tunes in what amounted to a slightly more complicated version of Simon. Wildly popular for a time (after selling more than 18 million units and more than 130 million individual song downloads), the big rhythm games were Guitar Hero and Rock Band, but quickly took a downturn around 2009-2010, after they stopped selling the hardware in stores. Latecomers to the genre found it impossible to find a way to play the games choking the clearance bins at Gamestop without resorting to eBay or Craigslist. But in 2015, that’s all about to change.

Rock Band 4 is returning from developer Harmonix with a new look and feel, but with the core elements that made it so popular. Now with a more indie developer attitude, Harmonix is creating a game that their fans have always wanted, even if they’re still figuring out how to do some of the newer features at this time. But they’ve answered some of the big questions already:

  • Rock Band 4 will be available on Xbox One and Playstation 4 later in 2015 (what about previous consoles? not clear as yet.)
  • Rock Band 4 will play all of your previously downloaded music at no additional cost.
  • Rock Band 4 will let you use your existing instrument controllers (but they’ll likely introduce newer, sexier, and better quality ones for the new game).
  • Rock Band 4 will make you feel like a rock star again, no matter your instrument of choice (actual rock star status not guaranteed).

If you’re ready to get the band back together, it might be a good idea to let Harmonix know you want to be notified the moment the game and the new hardware comes available. Until then, it might be time to break the leather jacket and eye makeup out of storage…

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