Rock Halloween With Christmas Cheer

It’s never too early to get ready for Halloween, especially if your workplace is holding one. Halloween parties at the office can become boring after a while, with costumes being repeated and duplicated over time. This year, why not spice things up by bringing Christmas early?

Here are twelve ideas to be the change up the Halloween theme, guaranteed to bring Christmas cheer to everyone.

A beautifully waxed handlebar mustache

Few people take the time to appreciate a good mustache, but when you wax it up into a handlebar “stache,” you’ll get the right attention.

Like everything else, you can learn How to Apply Mustache Wax Like a Boss on YouTube.



A “Hipster Santa” outfit

Once you’ve got the handlebar mustache in place, don’t forget the man bun. That’s what Portland, Oregon residents look forward to every year when Hipster Santa makes an appearance decked out in “naughty” and “nice” tattoos, piercings, and a sweater like the one Jeff Bridges wore in The Big Lebowski.

A casual Santa suit

Nobody really knows why the traditional Santa suit hasn’t been called out for the fashion faux pas that it is. The modern perception of Santa is due for an upgrade, and you can rep that new image with a Christmas suit. They’re professional, suave, and loud – just what every Halloween party needs!

A wooden pipe

A long wooden pipe brings sophistication to the table. Don’t smoke? No problem, just keep the pipe in your mouth and pretend. Chances are, you’re wearing some kind of geeky getup already so people won’t question your fake pipe smoking.

A Christmas bow tie

A Christmas-themed bow tie is the ultimate addition to any outfit, even jeans and a t-shirt.

If you’re allowed to bring your dog to the party (it could happen), make sure to get a matching bow tie for them, too. Your dog will be underdressed for the occasion but will get plenty of attention, anyway. If you want to go all out, have a local seamstress make your dog a sweater that matches your outfit.

A sleigh ride to the party

While other guests arrive at the party in their own cars and scramble for parking, you can be driven right to the front door in a sleigh. Believe it or not, carriage limousine companies exist, and their horse-drawn carriages get chartered for proms and other dances. 

If you’re the ultimate geek, you need to find one of those carriages for your next office holiday party. Don’t settle for a carriage that looks like a pumpkin. Cinderella has nothing on Santa.

Hire someone who knits to make you a custom hat

What says “geek” more than a beanie with a stuffed reindeer head attached to the front, legs on the sides, and a tail in the back? It’s not taxidermy; it’s Christmas geek fashion.

A self-promotional ornament for the tree

If your boss has a sense of humor, show up to the party with an ornament for the tree with your photo on it. Take the photo in an ugly Christmas sweater and make a funny face. Have the ornament customized online.

If there’s a tree, hang it on the tree where everyone can see it. If the tree doesn’t belong to your company, hang it anyway; everyone will get a good laugh. If you’re bold, tape it to the tree topper. If there is no tree, come prepared to hang it from the ceiling or put it someplace conspicuous.

You may want to buy two or three just in case there’s a party pooper. After they remove/destroy the ornament, secretly replace it when nobody’s watching. If all else fails, pin it to your shirt.

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