Dear Rockstar, Please Make This Happen?

First off, this is NOT legit nor is it real. This was just something made by someone on the internet who has high hopes that the Grand Theft Auto series Rockstar has given us so perfectly for so long will have its next installment take place back inside the amazing Vice City from past games.

And as you can see above, there VI would lend itself to a nice 80’s Miami Aesthetic quite perfectly. It is like the game was BORN to take us back to Vice City. But we all know Rockstar are Rockstars and as much as we say we want this, they will drop some trailer and it will melt our faces and minds and we will eventually forget we ever wanted this.

But I will say, Vice City and San Andreas were my two favorites before GTA part 5, and we have visited San Andreas again, so who can say if this is not possible? Though chances are slim, that means…

Now we may all know it probably wont happen, but maybe, JUST MAYBE, if enough geeks grab each other’s hands all at once across the earth and wish for this, Rockstar will hear us and feel us and make it happen.

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Just kidding.

At this point, Rockstar started part 6 the SECOND they released 5, ands whatever the game will be is already set in stone by this point. BUT, if it does ends up being in Vice City (that V in the numeral just makes it such an easy choice) it would be amazing.

Guess we gotta just keep our faith in Rockstar and be patient. They haven’t ever failed us before, no reason to assume they will start now.

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