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Roll With Life's Punches Using The Desktop Punching Bag

There always comes a time in our flawed homo sapien adult lives when stress takes over and everything we know and learned takes a backseat to our primordial urge to expend physical strength. Sadly, this can happen in the calmest of environments, like an office desk or more commonly, a gaming desk. So, instead of punching your monitor, you can choose to strike something more resilient; that’s where the Desktop Punching Bag comes in.

The Desktop Punching Bag is a durable, inflatable, and red apparatus you put on your desk to prolong your gadgets’ lifespans. Thanks to Vat19’s consideration for our biological shortcomings (emotional and mental breakdowns, that is), we can now burst out in anger in the comfort of our desks with minimal collateral damage.

Think of how much your keyboard or your mouse will thank you if they can talk especially if you chose to batter the Desktop Punching Bag instead of your precious work tools. We’re not saying you’re free to be violent when you’re stressed. However, keeping that poison bottled up can have worse consequences.

In that regard, emptying out your stress at this ingenious and portable punching bag should be a welcome sanctuary from the tensions of the workplace or the gaming lobby.


Don’t worry, this sturdy Desktop Punching Bag has been built to handle physical abuse. The bag itself stands at more than a foot tall when inflated and comes with its own air pump. You can also deflate the bag for easier transportation. Meanwhile, the spring and metal parts, along with everything else, are heavy duty. Lastly, it has a strong suction cup to handle the force of your punches.

The cost? $19.99, much cheaper than broken office tools. So by all means, unleash you inner white-collar Balboa with this punching bag!

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