RPG Awesomeness: 1Up May Subscription Box Review + Giveaway

You would have to be living in a cave to not be aware of the rising popularity of monthly subscription boxes. To the uninitiated, they are boxes you order (that have a particular theme usually) and they come with new shwag, right to your doorstep, once a month for as long as you like. The problem is, with SO MANY subscription boxes out there right now, it’s quite hard for a true geek to find just the right subscription box.

Luckily, we just had one mailed to us for review, and it ended up being extremely badass and hooked us immediately. The 1Up Box. A true geek and gamers delight, well worth the small price of admission.

Here is our review of May’s 1Up box, which had the running theme of RPG. A theme we can all respect

*Summons Bahamut

First thing you will notice is I am clearly not a professional photographer. Also, sorry about my giant Hobbit foot that felt like it needed to force its way into the shot. That will not be the last time you see it, BTW. Sorry not sorry. But outside of that the first thing you notice is a box you just wanna tear in to. From  the green to the title of the box, it all evokes fond gamer memories in anyone who sees it. I will say this. They had to send me two because the I am almost 90% sure my first one got stolen off my porch.

Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection | Switch Launch Trailer

Can’t even be mad at the thief.

This box looks awesome. And huge shout out to the company itself for being so cool about sending a second one. Professionalism says a lot about a company.

So what do we have in store for us here….

Again, I am so far from being good at this photo thing, but for those of you who can turn your head a certain angle, you can surely see why I giggled with glee when I opened the box. As soon as a saw the geek tee and the Funko Pop Warcraft figure, I peed my pants a tiny bit out of joy. HUGE fan of Funko Pop pieces, and seeing who the character was made me even happier.

That Hobbit foot, though. Ugh.

Sylvanas from W.O.W? I won’t lie. When you (or at least I) get a subscription box, I tend to think it is mostly filler stuff (even down to some of the Funko pieces that end up in some other subscription boxes) but I was thrilled to see a badass female figure represented. Just knowing she is sitting on many geek desks right now like mine makes me even happier.

Well done, liking this so far.

Next up, this video game themed t-shirt from their awesome 1Up Buddies line. The shirt itself featuring some of the sites adorable mascots engaged in some ninja warfare. The shirt itself is called Furry Assassins, and is soft, comfortable, and the XL fit me all sexy like, as you can see above. And yes, my girlfriend already wants it as a night shirt and I can see this is going to pose a problem. That is generally a sign of a good product.

Next entry might surprise you as it was my unexpected favorite in this 1Up box.

The best way I can describe it is a 3D hologram bookmark that has a total Fallout Pipboy theme to it. I, like most true geeks, LOVE reading (actual, physical books) and to have a Fallout themed bookmark (Fallout 3 easily being one of my favorite games of all time) just made my day. Hell, it made my week. I also love that level. My god, I wish I coulda gotten to level 1,337 in Fallout 3.

Damn level caps.

Seriously go check the site. I didn’t mind this being in box at all because the shirts are awesome (and are only 15 bucks solo, which beats most places who sell similar stuff for twice that). They had one other promo piece in there, and I loved it.

A little, dope piece of art telling you the theme for the month. It is a subtle little nuance that really adds to the overall experience. I know the theme for next months is supposed to be SURVIVAL, so I  bet there will be a good amount of zombie shwag. God I can’t wait to get a second one. Just saying.

They call it an exclusive Viking Pin, and I love Vikings and am all about that. But I think we all know the RPG this is nodding to. Being a huge fan of that world which I shall not name here, this pin went ioto my jacket immediately. Anyone I now see without a Viking pin is someone I see as less than me. Sorry, it is called Viking Confidence, and this pin pulsates with it. It gave me plus 5 charisma overall to my IN REAL LIFE stats.

And finally, some friggin’ awesome emoticon RPG themed stickers to round the whole thing out.

I ate all of my girlfriend’s sliced chicken this week (that she has for work), and left the weeping emoticon sticker in place of the package and she was laughing too hard to even be mad at me when she discovered it (yes, she is a gamer, too. I am blessed like that). So overall, how would I rate this box? On a scale of one to ten, I would give it a nine point five. Why not the full ten?

I am saving that for the Survival box. I have high hopes.

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Wait…we’re not done yet! We’ve got something to give you.

Care for a furry assassin or two?

1 Up Box is giving this t-shirt away, so if you want it, send your entries in now!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway runs from June 6 to June 12, and the winner will be announced on June 13.

One more thing…

If you want a box full of geek goodness this June, don’t forget to check out 1 Up Box’s June box, which is all about SURVIVAL.

This box includes a Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure, an exclusive mashup t-shirt, and other cool carry-on items. You’ve got 14 more days, so what are you waiting for? Get your box here.

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