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When I was creating my character in a MMORPG a few days ago I went across a strange writer’s block, I couldn´t think of a name for my character. So I started thinking of many nicknames, I tried some Greek mythology ones first but the most common ones were already taken so I ended up going around my room and ended up naming my character after the name of an old Sega Saturn game, Astal.

I started thinking about the nicknames that some people use in game and there´s enough info to make some preconceptions out of them.

After some running around in the server I managed to split the nicknames in 4 categories:

  • Well Developed Nicknames – I think that it´s safe to say that anyone that takes some thought before naming their character and tries to think of someone or something from a book character to an anime one that fits more or less the same profile of your character is a good gamer and usually the best people to hang around with.
  • 1337 Nicknames – These ones are the ones you should look out for. I have yet to meet one person using a nickname like “l3g0l4$” that isn´t childish. Usually people that use this nick just want to have fun at the cost of other people’s enjoyment.
  • Popular Nicknames – Nicknames after popular movies/games are usually taken by people which before had a 1337 or older Popular nickname. Since the name is a buzz word they change it as soon as they hear about it but usually they change again. People that choose these types of nicknames are usually people that want to stay trendy no matter what, in some cases they seem to be very immature.
  • Job/Class Related Nickname – If someone uses a name like “MrCash” for a character that can make a lot of money quickly due to it´s skills it´s almost definitely a secondary character, it´s picked by people that are either trying out the character or just don´t care about it other than it´s main skill. You should always be careful when regarding these ones, there´s no telling whether their main character is someone who can help you or some 1337 dude that can PK you in case you bother him.

Anyways, that´s my take on it; feel free to add your own opinions. On a short side note, this is my first article here on Forever Geek and I hope I become a good editor as time comes in the meantime any help to achieve that goal is welcome.

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