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So Dave Winer says that “RSS is waiting for its killer app.” I have been under the same impression for a while. There are lots of standalone options out there for Windows and Mac, and even online options such as bloglines.

Mozilla has already incorporated RSS into their Thunderbird and Firefox products. Firefox calls them Live Bookmarks, which I personally think is easier to understand by “normal” people than RSS. The next version of Safari is also going to have RSS capabilities built into it.

Lots of people talk about RSS being a big corporate tool. Most corporations use Outlook. Ding-Ding-Ding. Since it will probably take Microsoft about 10 years to include RSS capabilities in their Outlook product, a few third party options have popped up in the meantime.

NewsGator seems to be a popular choice. I think Scoble uses it, or I have at least seen him mention it before. It doesn’t seem to come as a stand alone app. It’s Outlook capabitlity comes as part of a subscription service that starts out around $20 a year.

Other than NewsGator, there are a few applications out there that are supposed to integrate into Outlook (intraVnews, You Perform, etc.), and there has even been talk of the Office team announcing some sort of RSS support for Outlook this year.

Have any FG readers used NewsGator or any of the other third party RSS apps for Outlook? What are your thoughts of RSS integration in Outlook? Will it help bring RSS to the mainstream?

UPDATE: I had mentioned You Perform above as an RSS reader for Outlook. Actually, it is You Subscribe, still made by the same company. I actually installed it and was suprised that it happen to add a button to my IE toolbar that let me subscribe to feeds when they were autodiscovered in a page.

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