Samsung's 20" LED LCD reviewed

If you like computers, or electronics, the chances are that you’ve probably played around with LEDs a few times in your life. Still, you probably would have never guessed that one day you might be using a computer screen entirely lighted by them. Still, that’s exactly what Samsung’s offering with their new SyncMaster XL20.

The contrast ratio is 1000:1, which is about as good as most decent (or high-end) LCDs in the market, has an 8ms response time, and since it’s lighted by LEDs, instead of the usual Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp, it delivers a great color proximity for all of those professionals out there that require such quality. So what is the reviewer’s verdict?

  • Bright display with good black levels
  • Excellent colour reproduction with 114% NTCS colour gamut
  • Supports AdobeRGB, and is fully customizable
  • All the other bells and whistles you expect from a high end LCD, including a very adjustable stand

The Bad

  • The big ticket price, which isn’t reduced much on the streets
  • Calibrator doesn’t seem necessary, could be upgraded
  • Size; the unit is 9cm (3.54 inches) thick and weighs 7.6 kg (16.75 lbs)

The recommended price for the monitor is $1999.99, which is probably out of your budget unless you use a similar monitor due to professional reasons. Still, if you’re a gamer, I think that there are better (and much cheaper) alternatives in the market for you.

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