Save on Your Software Bill: In the Year 2056

By Dave

There is an interesting and amusing article up on Free Software Magazine about saving money on subscription based software in the year 2056. While the article is pure fiction, it is interesting to note that it could be long before 2056 that almost all software is subscription only.

Microsoft has developed an innovative way to help you manage your Office costs. “Office-Share” is patent pending, and we should all give thanks to the enduring patent system that provides a fertile environment for new ideas such as this one. With Office-Share, you no longer have to pay rent on those times of day when you’re not using the software. You can now share a full subscription with other households!

For example, you might sign up for the nightly 7-8pm slot so that little Bobby can write his report before bedtime, while Ms. Smith next door signs up for the 8-9pm slot to work on her novel. (Let’s hope she properly licenses those story idea patents!) You can realize further savings by signing up for the graveyard shift. Fees drop by as much as half for the 2-4am time period. A great deal for you night owls out there!

Give the full thing a read, and you might find it too close to the realms of reality for comfort.

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