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10 Scariest Doctor Who Monsters

The much-awaited Doctor Who Season 11 is here, and we’re more than elated!

We’ve got our all new modern Doctor (Jodie Whittaker), a new group of comrades, a new inventive team, and a new leading executive producer, Chris Chibnall, who replaced Steven Moffat. This season will too have one more divergence: a new time slot. Normally Doctor Who has aired on Saturday evenings, though it will now air on Sundays.

Doctor Who Season 11 trailer; Photo: Dr. Who

Now — since we’re such huge Doctor Who fans, we elected to a compile a list of the 10 scariest Doctor Who monsters. From the mostly harmless to the mostly bloodthirsty, we’ve ranked our beloved timey-wimey freaks.

Doctor Who Season 11 has been seriously revamped; Photo: Dr. Who

Sounds totally rad, right! Of course. So kick off your shoes and relax your feet, party on down to the Xs-Cape beat whilst you take this rating in.

10 Scariest Doctor Who Monsters

10. The Midnight Entity

Midnight Entity only appeared once (in an episode entitled, “Midnight”), however, it is scary as s***! Unlike the others, the alien was never given a form … it is only viewed as a shadow spanning the landscape. This enigmatic form is so terrifying mainly due to its ability to learn and manipulate. The Doctor, who’s several hundred years old, had not the slightest clue what the creature was or if they managed to obliterate it. Perhaps the Midnight Entity will reappear in Season 11 (fingers crossed)!

One of the scariest Doctor Who monsters is Midnight Entity; Photo: The Doctor Who Group

9. The Silence

You only recollect the Silent when you observe them — as soon as you turn your eyes away, they are completely erased from your memory. Now if that’s not scary, than we don’t know what is! The Silence is an organization formed by Tasha Lem, with one objective in mind: Kill the Doctor. Some members of this association are part of genetically engineered priests, who are capable of manipulating others into doing their dastardly deeds.

The Silence; Photo: Gifer

8. The Ice Warriors

Hold up, if the GIF above didn’t scare you … then we don’t know what will! The moral intricacy of the Ice Warriors compared to some of their acquaintances makes this race such a cogent returning adversary for the Doctor. Hailing from the planet Mars, the Warriors were spearheaded by a rogue agent, Grand Marshal Skaldak, when they made their jubilant comeback in 2013’s ‘Cold War’, — however, we’d love to see them resurge en masse!

The Ice Warriors; Photo: Fanpop

7. The Gangers

If you are seeking a good scare, watch “The Rebel Flesh”. A solar flare triggers these clones to attain sentience, and the Doctor is forced to mediate between their doppelgangers and the original workers. Just know — It isn’t nice. Created by humans from something called ‘The Flesh’, the Gangers began as a way for humans to work in highly hostile environments, without worry of hurt. If the clones were ever injured, they could be reconstituted.

Gangers; Photo: Tumblr

6. Sontarans

These Doctor Who monsters, just look crazy! Their unique backstory and bullying appearance — a clone race sired to be warriors — has seen the Sontarans withstand into the 21st century, with recurrent character Strax (Dan Starkey) having functioned as a comic foil to both Peter Capaldi and Matt Smith. It was December 15, 1973, when the British public got their initial peak of a Sontaran, with Linx (Kevin Lindsay) taking off his half-sphere helmet, only to expose a head the exact shape underneath!

The Sontarans; Photo: Rebloggy

5. The Autons

There’s something unutterably creep about a shop window dummy, and Doctor Who made best of their inherent eeriness to splendid effect in 1970’s ‘Spearhead From Space’ with the unveiling of the Nestene Consciousness, an interplanetary intelligence able to infuse otherwise lifeless plastic. The chronology in which a flock of these ‘Autons’ liberate from their shopfront prisons and persecute the streets of London, stirring mayhem, is potentially the most celebrated in Doctor Who history.

Autons on the attack!; Photo: Amino Apps

4. Weeping Angels

The most effective and popular alien to be introduced to Doctor Who since the show raged back onto our screens in 2005, the Weeping Angels have been a persistent stone in the Doctor’s shoe. This vastly mighty species made it on our list as a result of their curse — they can only move when you are not looking at them. Take your eyes off an Angel, even for a split second, and it’ll be your demise. They’re fast, and a bit gracious whenever they’re not snapping your neck.

Weeping Angels; Photo: Gfycat

3. The Daleks

The Daleks are unlike other Doctor Who monsters witnessed before or since. Outside looking in — they are utterly unique as far as their construction, and their robotic British accent is quite comical. However, inside looking out — they will kill you dead with one zap of their laser! See, the Daleks are in fact cyborgs; not robots. Daleks are exceedingly xenophobic, and yearn to “exterminate” anything in their path to global supremacy. The Doc’s oldest nemesis’ have survived countless tries to wipe them out for good over the past 50-plus years.

The Daleks; Photo: Gifbin

2. The Cybermen

The Cybermen slide in on our list at number two, merely for the fact that they all-the-way lack emotion and they’re like super hard to kill. Some Cybermen originated from a planet called Mondas, which according to an earlier storyline, is Earth’s former twin planet. Other Cybermen were designed by John Lumic, the owner of Cybus Industries, and created by painfully removing the brain of a human and implanting it into a robot.

Cybermen; Photo: Giphy

1. The Vashta Nerada

We know, you thought The Cybermen would have had this slot, right? They are indeed daunting, however, it’s just something about the Vashta Nerada that scares the be-jeezus out of us! These Doctor Who aliens top our list because the Doctor actually believes they possess no weakness — they can not be killed. When the Doctor stresses the only option is to run, you know it must be crucial. Plus, even though they are microscopic creatures (no bigger than a particle of dust in the air) that couldn’t harm a fly on their own — when they do swarm, they become lethal and are able to shred a creature to its skeleton in milliseconds. Now, that’s pretty darn scary!

Vashta Nerada are the most frightening Doctor Who monsters, beware; Photo: Pinterest

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