15 of the Scariest Movie Posters You Won't Want to See

Horror movies are not my thing, although I have been foraying into the genre in the past months. I’ve taken things slowly, starting TV shows that give me the creeps. Then I was caught aback with The Conjuring. There’s one thing in common during all those times I spend watching horror movies/TV shows: I have learned to look for signs that I need to avert my eyes, thanks to the score and to the facial expressions of my fellow viewers.

For those of you like me, then I am warning you from the get go: these movie posters are some of the scariest out there. Just putting this post together drained me. Scariest movie posters indeed.

For lovers of the horror genre, you’ve probably seen these posters, but they will take you down memory lane at the very least. Else, they will stoke your appetite for Halloween movie watching.

So here you go, some of the scariest movie posters. Go ahead. I dare you.

Alice Sweet Alice – a young girl is murdered after her communion. You can guess how things go downhill from there.

Alice Sweet Alice

Body Snatchers (1993) – alien clones replacing humans in a U.S. military base; the stuff alien conspiracy theorists love to death.

Body Snatchers

Children of the Damned – the tagline “Beware of the eyes that paralyze!” just makes the poster worse. Much worse.

Children of the Damned

Dawn of the Dead (1978) – there are other versions of the movie poster, but this one just makes me want to run and hide from the zombies; written and directed by George Romero, you know it’s a must-watch (but not for me yet).

Dawn of the Dead

Excision – think about a girl who fantasizes about “performing surgery” on other girls at school…and the poster, good Lord, it’s enough to make me say a prayer!


Fright Night (1985) – vampire stories, I usually can take; but this movie poster is something else.

Fright Night

Grace – how does a baby feeding bottle with blood sound to you?


Night of the Lepus (1972) – the movie may have been a flop, but the poster is terrifying, not in the least because of the expression on the girl’s face.

Night of the Lepus

Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) – I think everyone has seen this movie, and the poster certainly will give you nightmares.

Nightmare on Elm Street

One Missed Call (2008) – this poster will force me to NOT miss a call even if I don’t recognize the number.

One Missed Call

Possession – how about a Medusa-like figure that’s just totally creepy?


Pulse (2006) – though the story is a mix of tech and evil, the poster is just pure scary sh#t.


A Tale of Two Sisters (2003) – a Korean film that revolves around a family that goes through hell, probably literally; and the poster is as creepy as can be.

A Tale of Two Sisters

The Shining  – a classic with Jack Nicholson as the star, this is one of the movies I tried to watch but didn’t finish.

The Shining

Turistas – it’s the usual vacation horror story, and the poster gives you a high expectation of the scary level of the movie.


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