Scary PC Games That Will Test Your Nerves

Gaming has gone mobile, with the projection of the market growing 27.3 percent annually. True enough, if you take an informal survey of your friends and family, you’ll probably find out that most of them play games on their mobile devices as opposed to consoles and desktop computers.

Still, there is a niche for PC games, and the hardcore players will not abandon their device of choice. Truth be told, there is a lot of fun to be had in playing mobile games, especially with lots of free ones being available, but there is nothing like a good PC game to keep you occupied for days on end (if you have a gaming PC that will give you a great experience, that is).

If you like PC games, and you don’t mind having a scare or two while you’re at it, here are some scary PC games that will put your nerves to the test.

Scary PC games for the horror lover in you

Day Z

Set in Chernarus, a fictional post-Soviet state, the game revolves around the idea of the inhabitants of the state suffering from an unknown infection. A survival game is what it is, where – being one of the few survivors – you have to fight the infected ones. You can play solo or with friends. One thing’s for sure: the environment is chilling, and you might jump out of your skin a time or two.

A Mother’s Inferno

AMI Trailer from David Adler on Vimeo.

The title itself gives me the creeps already. You’re a mother who is in a train full of demons, and your goal is to find your son and take him back – armed with only a glass shard. Watch the trailer, and decide if you still want to play the game. You might not want to take any train after this.

7 Days to Die

What would you do if you had 7 days to die, in real life? You can do all those things that are supposed to matter when the end to one’s life is near, or you can play this game. Still in Alpha 9.3X, this scary PC game takes place after World War 3. Although that’s “3” and not “Z”, the undead is still a fixture, albeit with a twist: they act as a single-minded being, kind of like a hive mind. Unsurprisingly, your goal is to survive this horde of zombies. What makes this game rather cool is that it is a mix of FPS, survival horror, tower defense and RRG PLUS combat, crafting, looting, mining, exploration, and character growth. What else can you ask for?

Dark Souls II

I’ve never had the nerve to play – or watch someone else play – Dark Souls, and I doubt that will change with Dark Souls II. The game is available for the PlayStation and the Xbox as well. The first game was notoriously difficult – which is what you can expect if you start out as a cursed character – and it seems that the sequel follows the same path. And yes, the environment is still creepy. What can you expect from such a title? Here’s a review of Dark Souls II.

Left 4 Dead 2

Another sequel, again set in post zombiecalypse times, Left 4 Dead 2 lives up to the expectations of players of the first game. From cities to swamps to cemeteries back to cities and swamps – this game shouldn’t be played on Halloween, especially if you’re alone.

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