Science fiction films are all about looking forward, predicting the future, and seeing how aspects of modern day life will fit into the lives of those years ahead of us. They’re pretty good at it too, predicting things like space travel, video calls and even iPads often years ahead of their release.

Driverless cars have long been a staple of movies to show futuristic, far-off worlds that far exceed our current technology. That was until a few years ago, when driverless cars made their way onto our streets and became everyday technology. In just a few years more, fully driverless cars will leave science fiction and join science fact, meaning sci-fi movies will need to try harder to communicate driving advancements.

So, what do sci-fi movies say about the cars we’ll be able to drive in the future and, more importantly, when we’ll be able to drive them? This infographic from business transfer marketplace Bizdaq looks at what films say the future of the automotive industry looks like.

They looked at films like Blade Runner, Minority Report, Total Recall, and AI to see exactly what we can look forward to and when, and found we’ve got a rocky period ahead of us.

It seems that, following the release of the Spinner in just two years, we’ll be going from the uber-stylish Lexus 2054 EV seen in Minority Report to rusty old Mad Max cars in just six short years. Driverless car fans can rejoice though, as the Total Recall’s Johnny Cab will, according to movies, be around in 2084.

To see the full timeline of what we’ll be driving and when, take a look at the infographic below or head to their website here.

sci fi cars

This post was written by Tom Jeffries of Bizdaq.

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