Some people have the knack of being the life of the party or throwing parties that guests keep talking about in the months after. Then there are those who like throwing parties, but could use some help in making their events livelier. Nothing worse than a party where everyone sits or stands uncomfortably trying to find something to do!

The guys at io9 have the perfect solution for situations like the one described above – drinking games based on notable sci-fi themes. ((Source: io9)) Just like them, I am going to say outright that I am not promoting irresponsible drinking. ;)

Remember guys, it’s not all about the alcohol – it’s the theme behind the game. ((Right.)) So here are my top picks from their list.

Tron Loko

How to play? Simple instructions from the article:

For three or more players. Pop in a copy of Tron or Tron Legacy. Players must drink Four Loko (or Joose or Mad Dog 20/20 or Cisco or whatever neon-hued alcopop doesn’t make you retch) whenever a character…

1.) Derezzes.
2.) Boards some form of vehicular transport.
3.) Volleys back a disc.
4.) Drinks some digital liquid at The End of Line Club (Tron Legacy only).

If you don’t drink alcopop, make your own brightly colored drink. I choose strawberry or blue margaritas! (This might mean taking a only couple of sips each time instead of downing the entire glass, though.)

Hello, Sarah Connor?

This game is only for those who are feeling really silly and are willing to take the risk of getting in trouble. It is highly recommended that you play this game only if you are already buzzed. Or maybe you shouldn’t play it at all. Instructions:

For three or more players. Every player starts with a beer. Open the yellow pages and call each and every John Connor, Sarah Connor, Kyle Reese, Edward Furlong, or Marcus Wright on speakerphone while speaking in a Styrian accent. Keep them on the line while reading verbatim from a 1991 Radio Shack catalogue. For every 20 seconds you keep them on the line, do not drink 1/4 of your beer.

I understand that you might not have a 1991 Radio Shack catalogue lying around, but I am sure you can find a good enough alternative. Now I have a feeling that customer service agents or outbound sales agents will trump everyone else in this game!

Are you a Cylon?

Hands down the winner in the list. To play the game, you must first know how to play Handshake/Wink Murder. ((How to play)) Introducing the Cylon element just makes it all the more interesting:

For 6 or more players. This is more or less a standard game of handshake murder but with several exceptions.

First off, everyone carries a coffee mug full of their favorite hooch, Saul Tigh-style. Second, whenever you “die,” you must pound whatever’s in your cup. Finally, if you have slept with the person who’s revealed to be “the Cylon,” you must slug another cup.

More than playing Cylons, the fact that you can have whatever drink you prefer makes this the perfect party game.

Anyone up for some drinks this weekend?

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