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Keep An Eye On Upcoming Sci-Fi Indie Short “The Survivor: A Tale From The Nearscape”

Finding new sources of top-notch entertainment to devour on a consistent basis can be a shockingly difficult feat. Sure, you can binge on horror films or flip through severely underrated comic books, but, odds are, you will continue to keep an eye out for your next story kick.

Many blockbusters are, let’s face it, all flash and no substance. Which is why turning to independent projects from up-and-coming creators makes perfect sense. Because watching something original and unique beats being forced to sit through yet another unnecessary Hollywood remake, prequel or sequel. Right?

So, without further ado, allow us to introduce you to the world behind upcoming indie short sci-fi, “The Survivor”.

“The Nearscape” is the landscape of the near future, based on mankind’s current actions. Pollution has made the air dangerous to breath. Food and water is scarce. Borders have been redrawn on a clan-based system. The wealthy clans live in high-tech synthesized luxury areas, while the rest battle to survive in sectors where the economy has collapsed. Anarchy reigns. 

A young boy named Billy survives; he’s surviving abuse from his stepfather and he’s adapting to the harsh realities of life. His mother fell ill after a supply run into a quarantine zone left her with radiation poisoning. His stepfather, Roy, sends Billy out to take her place.

Armed only with a toy robot equipped with a sarcastic A.I. chip, a dwindling oxygen supply and his wits, Billy embarks on a dangerous journey across a bleak landscape in search of essential supplies and a cure for his mother. He faces desperate, sick people, crazed zeolites and corrupt law enforcement officers.

“The Survivor” is an introduction to the Nearscape, as well as some of the characters that reside there. However, there is a much larger, ground-breaking and unique backstory which is in development.  In further adventures, Billy joins forces with some unlikely allies via a mysterious resistance movement called The Light Brigade, an element which is hinted at in “The Survivor”. Together, they began to unravel shocking revelations about Earth and the greatest cover-up of all time.

The Nearscape is a unique concept which will leave everyone questioning the world we reside in and humanity’s purpose in this universe.

The film premieres today on

You can also see it below.

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