Blade Runner & Star Wars Plastic Decor Tiles
Blade Runner & Star Wars Plastic Decor Tiles

While not everyone of us may have superb interior design skills, there is no doubt that we all want to make our abodes as comfortable and as visually pleasing as possible. Of course, what is comfortable and what is aesthetically pleasing will vary from one person to another, but I assume that majority of ForeverGeek readers can do worse than like
Blade Runner and Star Wars!

And while some may say they’re too old to go around decorating their homes based on sci-fi stories, I know there won’t be a lack of people who will not hesitate to do so.

Enter “sci-fi tiles”, based on Blade Runner and Star Wars.

The product is actually a Kickstarter project, which features vacuum-formed plastic tiles which use molds that are inspired by the mentioned films. If you want to be technical about it, the sci-fi tiles are created using the process called thermoforming. This process involves sheets of plastic, which are superheated in an oven, and then placed over a mold made of epoxy, metal, or wood. The soft plastic is forced to take the shape of the mold using vacuum pumps, and once the plastic cools and hardens, it is trimmed to take on the final shape of the desired sci-fi tiles.

Here’s a video for the project to give you a better idea.

If, for some reason, you do not want to use these tiles to add sci-fi touches to your home, I am sure you can find tons of other cool uses for sci-fi tiles.

As with every other Kickstarter project, the guys behind sci-fi tiles need our help. Visit their project page to donate whatever you can, or spread the word. They have 18 days to go and can still use a lot of funding!

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