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6 YouTube Science Channels You Should Subscribe To

YouTube is a trove of treasure in content. Some videos are entertaining, some are funny, some are adorable, and some are informative and educational. It’s acknowledged that YouTube is one of the best places to learn new things, which is why science channels thrive here.

For most people, science is hard to understand, especially with its numerous terminologies and jargons. However, YouTube science channels make these scientific concepts easier to digest and understand. If you’re looking for a dose of knowledge, here are some of our recommended science channels you should watch!



VSauce is one of the bigger science channels on YouTube, and to date, he has more than 15 million subscribers. What initially started out as a channel for video games, has now become one of the best channels that talks about our planet, human consciousness, and even our existence. He even has a YouTube web series called Mind Field. With an approachable tone, he talks about complex theories, human experiments, and big ideas that people would normally not ponder about. One such example would be his video discussing on How Earth Moves and its relevance to time.



If you’re looking to learn more about Physics, MinutePhysics is the channel you’re looking for. Henry Reich, the man behind MinutePhysics, discusses anything and everything about physics. Normally, physics is a hard-to-understand subject but with Reich’s whiteboard animations and entertaining script, the subject has become much more understandable. MinutePhysics is a great channel for people wanting to know how the world works. One of his more popular videos is about parallel universes and the explanation behind the concept.

John Michael Godier


For things concerning our world, our galaxy, and its planets and stars – John Michael Godier’s the man to go to. Godier’s channel is full of educational videos on astronomy. Some of his videos discuss foreign concepts such as the Lunar Transient Phenomena, or videos with hypothetical questions like, “What if we had no moon?” These subjects broached by a well-known sci-fi author will of course be very much easy to understand, and even entertaining!

Dr. Hope’s Sick Notes


On the medical side of YouTube science channels, Dr. Hope’s Sick Notes is a favorite! Ed Hope, the creator of the channel, is an emergency medicine doctor based in the UK. His videos are layman-friendly when discussing the human body, and some provide an insight of what it is like to be a doctor. A series of videos he made that became popular is his reaction videos to the anime, Cells at Work – an anime that explains the human body by personifying the cells of the body. He watches an episode while explaining the concept in a way that is easy to understand. At the moment, his most recent videos are a series of vlogs about COVID-19. He discusses things such as what the virus is, dealing the virus as a doctor, and even some of the equipment needed the most during these times.

For anyone interested in going the medical route, or just plain curious about medical processes, Dr. Hope’s Sick Notes is a channel you should definitely subscribe to.

Home Science


Do science experiments fascinate you? Are you curious how scientific theories are applied in real life? Home Science is one of best science channels in YouTube to answer some of our burning questions. Their channel features some of the most amazing experiments – and some of them can even be done at home! They do different kinds of experiments such as optical illusions, simple science experiments, and even chemical reactions! While some are simple enough to be done at home, some use ingredients that should not be handled alone – so be careful!



DrugsLab is a unique science channel on YouTube that talks about substance abuse. Produced by a Dutch public broadcaster, BNNVARA, DrugsLab is a channel that discusses drugs and its effects. To be more specific, DrugsLab has three hosts – Nellie Benner, Bastiaan Rosman, and Dzifa Kusenuh – that will take the drugs and describe them to the audience themselves. While the channel may produce content that are quite mature, it is actually a government-backed project. It’s quite a liberal way of educating, but DrugsLab states that they aim to promote harm reduction and drug education by showing these drugs used in real-life situations.

Other than showing the audience their experiments, they also give information on “safe methods of use, safe doses, the effects, the risks and very useful do’s and don’ts when high on drugs.”

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