Science Explains Why You’re So Addicted to Pokemon Go

Because you suck and have no life so you have to escape into a virtual one to avoid the tedium anbd delirium that goes along with your real life.  We get it, we suck, too. All kidding aside, though, this Pokemon Go thing is getting pretty serious.

If you stop and look around right now you will see something buzzing in society. Kids and parents alike, walking around trying to catch virtual Pokemon. And while we all knew it would be something HUGE, I don’t think even Nintendo had any idea just how huge this app/game was going to be. It is taking the world over. I even drove by stores in a major downtown Metropolis today that had sings outside that said “Come In, We Have Pokemon You Can Catch” and these were sings outside BARS and COFFEE SHOPS, so it is not just kids and fans of Pokemon who are getting swept up in this Go frenzy.

It is everybody.

So what is up with Pokemon Go addiction and is this a real thing?

Well, yes:

According to Business Insider, it’s Augmented Reality (AR) to blame for your newfound addiction. AR works by superimposing virtual elements – in this case Pokemon characters that need to be collected – over real-life elements. You actually see your surroundings through your phone’s camera. There, on top of reality, the Pokemon appear.

That’s enough to make you curious to see what happens next, even though the gameplay essentially follows a well-established pattern. After a while, there won’t be any more surprises left, but until that happens you’ll have a tough time fighting this addiction.

So really, it comes down to the individual. If it is interacting with your life in a negative way be wise enough to put it down and move on, but if it is just a fun past time you have nothing to worry about and can just keep having fun. Just be aware when it crosses the line.

Don’t worry, the people around you will let you know when that happens.

(image, story via BGR)

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