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8 Stellar Science Fiction Flicks We NEED To See in 2017

It’s about damn time. Science Fiction is one of the best genres of fiction, period. It takes the grandeur and scope of our own imagination and takes it limits beyond what we thought it capable of. From the limits of the galaxies to the limits of technology and our own imaginations, the truest and most beautiful thing about sci fi is that there ARE no limits. The genre can tale us anywhere and make anything possible, and for that reason, science fiction is one of our favorite genres and for that reason, this list will focus on the sci fi films dropping in 2017 that all geeks like us will need to add to their “must-see” list of next year’s movies.

Blade Runner 2049

When I posted the photo of this movie to my  Facebook page, people thought it was fake. Nope, real. Harrison Ford will be in it (probably for four minutes) and this time we focus on a lead played by Ryan Gosling facing a somewhat similar threat from the first film involving the replicants but very little is known outside of that and the super badass yet minimalist teaser they dropped.

But with Ridley Scott on board in some function, Ford back and Gosling? Just to get to revisit Neo-L.A is going to be amazing.

The Dark Tower

Though it could be argued this is more steampunk, let’s not nitpick. Many geeks have read the escapades of the gunslinger from The Dark Tower series by Stephen King and really never imagined the day it would make it to the big screen. Well, that day comes in 2017 and the cast attached make this seem like it might end up being very true to its source material. Well, at least we hope so.

But Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey meeting up like two raging bulls is going to be fantastic to see on an Imax screen.


Description of  the 2017 movie Life being:

The six-member crew of the International Space Station is on the cutting edge of one of the most important discoveries in human history: the first evidence of extraterrestrial life on Mars. As the crew begins to conduct research, and their methods end up having unintended consequences, the life form proves more intelligent than anyone ever expected.

If that doesn’t intrigue you enough let’s toss Jake Gyllenhaal on board along with some other amazing actors and actresses and let’s pump up the tension and fear by throwing in a super smart alien. I know VERY little about Life (literally) outside of that description and cast, but that is enough for me to know this movie will be a MUST-SEE science fiction movie come this time next year. Looks like the movie Gravity with aliens, which is by no means an insult.

Star Wars Episode VIII

Who is Rey? What is her connection to the Force? Why did Luke’s saber respond to her? What happened to Captain Phasma? Is Finn gonna be okay? Will Poe get more screentime (please?) and will we find out who Snoke is?

These are just a few of the questions we pray Star Wars episode VIII can answer. But regardless, anyone who knows Star Wars and sees this as the reboot it is KNOWS the second movie in the trilogy is the roughest (think Empire Strikes Back) and look at the director’s past work and you will realize, this episode of our fave sci-fi movie is gonna get dark at times and probably pretty upsetting which I am SO ready for.

Carbonite someone just to fuck us up and make us feel hopeless. I loved that the first time you did it.

Alien: Covenant

Let it be known I love Neill Blomkamp’s work (yes, even Chappie) and the simple fact they gave the dude an Alien movie that will tie together the messy Prometheus with the Alien series is “jizz in my pants” type of shit. The trailer they have already dropped looks scary as hell (like original Alien film) and now chestbursters also break out of your spine, which for some reason seems even MORE unsettling. Breaking your spine as opposed to stomach lining. Eek.

As a fan of the Alien series (and with this film rumored to be closing out the WHOLE storyline) this could be the Alien movie we have all been dreaming about since Aliens.

Ghost in the Shell

I know they whitewashed the lead but I also know Scarlett Johansson is a fantastic actress (see Under the Skin if you don’t know) and let’s all be honest, her role in the recent MEH flick Lucy showed us that she CAN pull off the whole “unfeeling” android thing perfectly.

Plus, fanboys like me have waited for and wanted this flick since the 90’s so the fact that we are getting a big budget version of it in 2017 has us geeking out, literally. Plus, the most recent trailer looks pretty damn close to the original if you ask me.

One final thing. ScarJo in a bodysuit again. Pretty sure NO GEEK MALE OR FEMALE is gonna complain about that.

The God Particle (JJ)

VERY little is known about God Particle right now outside a few very basic things:

It is the third movie in the loose Cloverfield universe

It is science Fiction


Something that happens in space makes the earth disappear.

I realize that is very little to go off of, but Cloverfield was fantastic, 10 Cloverfield Lane was a great ride, so to assume this third film in that arc will be less than great is inaccurate based on basic odds. And on some real talk, J.J. Abrams has been on fire and anything he attaches his name to seems to shine so expect this one to, as well, even if we do know next to nothing.

Honorable Mention: Passengers

I like the cast, I like the idea, but trailer makes it hard to read if it will be exciting or it will be just two charismatic people flirting for 60 minutes until 30 minutes of action happens. Guess gotta just hold out and see. Good cast, though, but who the hell knows at this point?

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