Our Eyes and Ears of the Future: Science Fiction Wearable Tech

Many fans of science fiction have been fantasizing about wearable tech for decades now. Since the days of the Star Trek and the great science fiction novels of Philip K. Dick, geeks all over the world have wondered what it would be like to be able to wear our technology. With cell phones, we took one giant leap closer to that evolution. But now, behind-the-scenes, wearable tech has just gone from a geek dream to a amazing reality because of a few companies who are forward thinking enough to help try and realize those dreams.

Beyond the Apple Watch

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When we say wearable tech, we don’t just mean technology that eases up your life. We are not just talking about a pair of VR eyeglasses that help point you to the nearest Chinese food place. We are talking about actual technology that can improve your quality of life. Take a moment to think about the 36 million people who have hearing issues. Now imagine wearable tech, all but undetectable, helping those 36 million to hear better? That is the evolution we are talking about. Not VR glasses, but tech that works to aid your hearing and vision.

Blows the mind, huh? It should. We play video games about stuff like this all the time. Just the Deus Ex series alone should show you that this has been a dream of mankind for ages.

Where Did You First See Wearable Tech?

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Was it Star Trek? Perhaps another science fiction movie or show you loved? But did you notice how it always looked? Weird, large, and clunky. People who think of wearable tech think of cumbersome electronics that hang from you like some gaudy piece of jewelry. But think about something like an in-ear headphone to help someone hear better. It wouldn’t look like a bluetooth headset and wouldn’t attract any extra unwanted attention whatsoever, yet, it could change the user’s quality of life. Think we aren’t there yet?

Look at the latest in-ear headphones and you will realize, we are ALREADY THERE. So what’s next?

The Next Big Thing

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The funny thing is, people underestimated wearable tech when it first introduced itself, because they could not see beyond the casual uses. That is fine. Yes, wearing some VR glasses and playing a video game might be pretty epic, but it probably won’t change the world. What will change the world is trying to figure out ways this technology can be used in manners that can help improve quality of life, while also minimizing discomfort and whatever taboos and embarrassments may be associated with people wearing such tech.

But once we get past that initial embarrassment we have to be aware, this is the next step in technology. Phones used to be connected to walls. Soon enough they will be connected to our wrists. But when you think bigger when trying to perceive what this technology can do, it really hits you. The future is now.

A Site for Soar Eyes

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsOo3jzkhYA&w=640&h=360]

The above linked site shows you, we are on Earth 2.0. Not only has the field of science come so far in the last twenty years when it comes to disabilities or impairments people may suffer from, but there are places right now working to push this wearable tech even further. If we think about a small piece of tech to help hear everything around you better, then we imagine something down the road for eyesight, it is an evolution that never stops. And perhaps the most amazing aspect of it is that we are still only on the doorstep of this evolution.

What people will be doing further with wearable technology is unfathomable even now, but we are ushering in a new age and new ways to help people. The people who do not see and recognize that will just end up being left behind in this evolution.

Humanity Perfected

Much like it is discussed in the aforementioned Deus Ex games, just how much we will be able to augment ourselves and better ourselves remains to be seen. But for now it feels important that we all stop what we are doing for a second and observe this technology and just how important and helpful it has already proven to be.

Hearing to the deaf, sight for the blind, and who knows what next. How can one NOT be awed by that?

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