Seeking Major Tom: William Shatner Does Queen and More

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Earlier this year, we saw Leonard Nimoy in a music video that I never thought I’d see him in. As it turned out, the video was actually pretty amusing. It was so wrong to see “Spock” live such a dump of a life, but the entire production turned out well.

This time, we have another Star Trek character entering the music business. It’s no less than the Captain himself, known in the real world as William Shatner. Truth be told, I have always liked Spock better than Captain Kirk, but I am probably not alone. Still, I have the highest respect for that Captain, and seeing what he has done has just turned me into a nostalgic emo [beep]!

Think I am exaggerating? Watch and listen to this – in its entirety if you can.

It’s so bad, but I can’t stop. It’s like knowing you’re in a speeding train knowing it’s going to wreck and yet being unable to do anything but keep watching. Oh, Captain Kirk, what have you become?

That’s not all, though. William Shatner has launched a metal album (spoken word, really) called “Seeking Major Tom”. Yes, there is an entire album of “songs” such as the one you listened to above.

To be fair to William Shatner, he is not really a singer. I don’t think Captain Kirk sang as well. What makes this album really sad is that good musicians collaborated with Shatner to create it. Think about Ben Folds. Think Sheryl Crow.

And just to make you suffer as much as I did, here is another cover. This time the song is from Black Sabbath.

If, by this time, you are not convinced that this is something that you just have to pass up on, then I admire your pigheadedness tenacity. You can buy the entire album (mp3 format) at Amazon for $7.99. (Fine, one can probably afford to lose that money. But still!) If you want to go one step further and be able to say “Been there, heard The Shat, and even got a CD for it”, then by all means pay $13.99.

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