Sega CD 'Classic' Night Trap Making a Comeback on Kickstarter...Looks Like A Disaster Already

Aaah the Sega CD, an add-on for the Sega Genesis released in 1992 when CDs were just becoming mainstream and gamers were wowed by ground breaking functions such as ‘full motion video’ (or FMV) except there wasn’t anything that ‘full’ about it as the movie sections were shrunk down into a tiny box. Sega also boasted of 64 simultaneous colors (instead of having the colors separate I suppose?) , the colors looked awful though and the loading times were horrendous and something you would have expected on the old Commodore 64.

Still it got a lot of press attention at the time and was heralded as the future for video-games and as with all new technology many people went nuts for it

A survival horror (not the type you are thinking about as this was waaaay before Resident Evil) called Night Trap was one of the first games for the Sega CD and the entire game was based around controlling a team of commandos and cameras in a house full of scantily clad college students who are being pursued by weird dudes in black who sneak up on them from places such as the showers ( of course) and then kill them using some bizarre neck-brace drilling machine. If you are wondering, yes the game really was as lame as it sounds here. 

 So now the original creators of the game are back and have just launched a campaign on Kickstarter to re-release Night Trap but in HD this time, unfortunately their project is already on shaky ground after many glaring errors have been pointed out by the gaming community. Questions were first raised when the creators claimed it would be available for the Playstation and Xbox without clarifying which ones, then when quizzed on this they said it would be for PS3 and Xbox 360 but would also play on the PS4 and Xbox One yet this isn’t even possible.

Some of the pledge rewards are also down right weird and no-one in their right mind would pay for, take a look:

$500 – Deluxe edition copy along with 4 copies for the following platforms PC, Mac, Playstation and Xbox, you know for all the people out there who own all of those platforms and just need a copy for each.

$1,000 – Get your name in the credits, for $1k??

$5,000 – Your name in the credits…as an associate producer, wow.

There are many other worrying holes in this project and Kotaku already highlighted many of these in a call to the producers yesterday.

If Kicktraq’s stats and projections are anything to go by it’s looking highly unlikely that they will reach the funding they need which is a shame as it would be interesting to see these old FMV style games make a come back and maybe the genre would see a revival which would be interesting as modern day technology could handle it a lot better. 

Hopefully if the amount of criticism plus attention the media spotlight has put on this project will enable the creators to make the required changes in time while still raising the funds needed.

Night Trap ReVamped has 27 days to go and is currently at $17,559 of it’s $330,000 goal

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