Selected Comics Haul: 6/14/06

There is a risk of spoilers, but Iâ??ll try to be vague around the important parts. Never-the-less, if you donâ??t want ANYthing ruined, donâ??t read it.

52 Week Six: A decent issue, though I found the cast of Chinese super â??heroesâ? to be too racially stereotypical for their own good. Still, it served to further provoke tension between Black Adam and the superheroes of America. Boosterâ??s portion was the best installment, though. Itâ??s been a really, really long time since Iâ??ve seen Rip Hunter do anything, anywhere. As a matter of fact, the last thing *I* recall ever reading him in was the Trial of Barry Allen. Iâ??m sure he was in the Crisis on Infinite Earths, though I canâ??t recall what he did, if anything at all. And apparently, Boosterâ??s in some serious trouble. Iâ??m loving this comic. The History of the DC Universe back-up is going along fairly well, though theyâ??re almost into Zero Hour: the Crisis in Time. They keep going this fast, theyâ??re going to run out of â??historyâ? in no time.

Cable & Deadpool #29: An unsatisfying end to the Domino arc. Personally, Iâ??ve never been a fan of Domino, not even in the X-Force days, so I suppose I wasnâ??t the target audience for this 2-parter. The real problem with Cable & Deadpool, lately, is the over-emphasis on the â??Cableâ? portion instead of the â??Deadpoolâ?. The book just hasnâ??t been funny since Gail Simone left, and letâ??s face it, people are reading this thing for Deadpoolâ??s brand of humor, not Cableâ??s whacky world-domination schemes. At any rate, it was kinda â??neatâ? to see Citizen V again, though his fight with Deadpool was sort of a let-down. Anyway, if youâ??ve already dropped this book, now is not the time to pick it back up.

Wolverine: Origins #3: This series has been getting better with each issue, to be certain. Weâ??re gradually learning more about the things Wolverine did while he was working for the Government (and the things they made him forget), and they were pretty freakinâ?? terrible. Particularly, his relationship with Nuke is especially gruesome. The fight with Nuke, though hyped quite a bit, was sort of a let-down. Even Wolverine says it was â??too easyâ?. Still, the cliffhanger-alone gets you excited about the next issue. Canâ??t wait for that one.

G.I. Joe: Americaâ??s Elite #12: Well, this Red Ninja filler arc is finally over. Thank God. For whatever reason the folks at Devilâ??s Due thought it was best to pad-out the return of Cobra Commander with a cheesy fake death story for Snake-Eyes. The end result was rather boring, as was Dukeâ??s subplot in which he takes down a rogue Crimson Guardsman. The final â??twistâ?, Tâ??jbangâ??s true identity, is ridiculously goofy and â??magicalâ?, having no place in a G.I. Joe comic book. Indeed, G.I. Joe is at its worst when it focuses too much attention on the mystical ninja aspect instead of the military intrigue. Still, the fillerâ??s finally out of the way and we can at last get to what weâ??ve all been waiting for, the return of Cobra Commander.

Sonic the Hedgehog #163: It took a while, but Archieâ??s Sonic the Hedgehog comic is finally worth reading again. For a while there it was like a bad furry romance book, but this â??Darkest Stormâ? arc has really geared things up. Basically, a being called Anonymous has been manipulating events to bring 3 of Sonicâ??s most powerful foes (Dr. Robotnik, Ixis Naugus and Mammoth Mogul) together. All that, the Destructix and a cameo from (my favorite) Nack the Weasil. Itâ??s a pretty major super villain showdown. And, of course, just about every Freedom Fighter you can think of is there, too. The story is making great use of Sonicâ??s extensive continuity, a real treat for long-time readers, but giving enough background information to keep people just picking up the book on top of things. The back-up story, the first part of an adaptation of Sonic Riders, feels like a real after-thought, though. Much like the unfortunate Sonic Rush adaptation. Still, if it shoe-horns the Babylon Rogues into Archie continuity then it canâ??t be all bad.

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