Self Replicating Robots

By joe

According to an article found at, a team of scientists at Cornell University (located in Ithica New York) have produced self replicating robots.

The robots are made of 4 10-cm cubes which can rotate against each other. They are preprogrammed to replicate and do so by placing their uppermost cube on the ground. They then pick up other cubes that they are fed and continue stacking. Watch the movie for a clearer idea.

Hod Lipson (what were his parent’s thinking?), team leader for this project says that it would be interesting to see self replicating robots learn to evolve. How about creepy, Hod? Obviously the man has never read X-Men comics or watched the cartoon series. Remember Master Mold, leader / builder of the Sentinels (evil robots that started to take over)?

Ok, Sentinels will most likely never happen, but I’m sure the military will get ahold of this technology (that is, if they don’t already have it) and then war is going to get weird. Imagine this replicating technology on a nano-level. Put the replicating robots in a bullet, shoot someone and within seconds they replicate and explode your enemies’ body. Gross!

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