In the generation of advanced technology, many people around the world always feel as though they are being watched or heard. One second a person is discussing the newly released iPhone with their friends, and the next minute, they get a sponsored ad about purchasing it in installments. Even though our messages, all the sponsored ads turn out to be about the same topic when we start talking about something. 

Not only can it get a little creepy, but it also gets a little tedious seeing the same ads over and over again. One way to try and escape from that is by sending binary codes. Binary codes are harder to crack but easy for your friends to understand with the help of modern technology. Read on to discover how sending binary-encoded messages to your friends has never been easier.

Binary Code Basics

The first thing you will need to do is to understand the basics of binary code. Binary code is the text that has turned to digits, 0 and 1. Each letter has its assigned set of 0 and 1 digits. For instance, the letter M’s code is 01101101. This code assigned is called ‘bits’ and usually consists of 8 digits. 

These eight digits can represent up to 256 values and represent a vast range of characters and items. It can get a little complicated when you choose either a fixed-width or variable-width encoding scheme. The first one has a fixed number of bytes (several bits), whereas the latter has more bytes to indicate the same character.

Binary Codes

Any computer or device operates using binary code. They do not send the letter A and S as people do as the text. So for those who are learning to code for the first time, understanding the eight digits of zeroes and ones is sufficient enough.

  1. ASCII Binary Codes

An ASCII Code, which stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange, is a way to encode characters for the standard electronics. It is similar to the concept of a periodic table but with numbers assigned to characters. These codes are usually broken apart using digital devices and translators. 

  1. How to Create Them

Here’s where it gets a little more comfortable so you can send them back and forth to and from your friends. If you have an ASCII conversion chart, then you can easily, but time-consumingly convert each character to its defined bits. The chart will map a number between 1 and 256 for each lowercase and uppercase letters and numbers from 0 to 9. Once you have the 8 number ASCII digit, you can create a phrase and send it right away.

Sending Binary-Encoded Messages

Of course, you can always take a much easier route and find a translator. A tool like a handy binary translator can make your life much easier and help you send over a message by inputting the characters and have them translated to code. You can also use a binary to English translator if you get a code and wish to understand what each byte stands for. You can also use binary to ASCII translator to make matters easier so you can decode it using the chart.

How to Read Binary

The issue with receiving a binary code is that it is most likely not already broken up to 8 bits for you. The sets of 8 digits are usually stuck together, and it will be very difficult for you to break each group apart. In this case, you can use a decoder to break them up and assist you in reading them on your own. With time, the process becomes much more comfortable, and you may not need an ASCII decoder to translate them. Yet the accessibility of a decoder has become more convenient and less time-consuming. This way, you can learn how to read binary and send them to your friends without any trouble.

There are many reasons why someone would need to encode and decode a message. Either you want to send secret messages to your friends or want to help them translate something on their device to help them out. One of two things is possible: either find a binary code to text translator or learn how to read binary without any more technology involvement. Learning binary may seem difficult at first, yet it is quite simple with a little bit of practice and understanding an ASCII chart. Take the time to learn it, even if you are going to use a binary code translator just to grasp the process itself.

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